With the first quarter of 2012 behind you, are you still looking for new ways to take your inbound marketing strategy to a whole new level? Finding new strategies to increase online business lead generation is a big undertaking, and there are many different courses of action to choose from. Of course, some real estate firms employ quick fixes and priority spending in order to kick up more web leads. However, before jumping in, here are 5 things you can do immediately to increase business lead generation and turn your online visitors into tangible sales.

1. List all the web services you subscribe to and the technology products you own:

You may find that you have products that you have totally forgotten about. Don’t feel badly. There are a lot of us out there that have purchased products, thinking we would use them a great deal, only to have them end up gathering dust. If you start by organizing a list of all your web and technology tools, you can then make notes by each one, indicating if you use it or why you have not. If some of these tools carry monthly service fees, think seriously about how long it would take to implement them into your inbound marketing strategy. Even a small $29 per-month service charge can add up quickly and eat away at your bottom line.

If there are products or services on your list that you want to start implementing, call the companies’ customer service centers and find out how to maximize them. There may also be virtual assistants or consultants who can help you sort through and streamline your products and services, so they can be used most effectively.

2. Analyze and evaluate how your business has changed over the last year:

Ask yourself questions and write down the answers. Start with questions like: “How many buyers were new home buyers? How many sellers did I work with last year? Where did they live? How did they find me? What is the profile of my average buyer and seller?” By analyzing your answers to these questions, you will uncover trends about the type of clients you attract and what makes you special in the way you work with them. This step is crucial; it is the foundation for creating a strong, interactive, and targeted online marketing strategy that will attract and communicate with your website visitors.

3. Build or enhance your Web site to reflect your specialization:

Make sure your website has customized content, which speaks directly to your online visitors. You want your website to be alive and conversational. The way to do this is to eliminate “cookie-cutter” pages and instead replace them with pages that relate to their world—offering free information like school reports and articles. Having a website that is unique and interactive will also improve search engine optimization.

4. Drive traffic to your website through as many channels as possible:

There are many ways to get people to your website, such as utilizing Craigslist ads, Facebook, YouTube, e-mail marketing campaigns, search engine optimization programs and offline promotion of your website address. The more channels you use to get your message out there, the better.

5. Share your vision, practice your dialogue and promote the message of your unique marketing:

There is a huge opportunity to crush your market competition, if you understand the tipping points that you offer and what this means to a seller. Have your visuals prepared and your dialogue rehearsed so that you can share them effectively in listing presentations. You don’t need to put on a show. Just be confidant and comfortable delivering the value of your specialized knowledge, expertise and resources.

Put these 5 steps to work and see your online visitors turn into tangible sales. For further information on real estate marketing, see Marketing for Real Estate Agents 2.0 and Inbound Marketing: 4 Steps for Creating More Real Estate Leads.

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