Inbound Marketing works… but seeing results takes time.  Here is one idea for speeding up the results… and keeping your clients happy.

You have undoubtedly experienced the following scenario. You contract with a new client on a 12 month retainer to develop an inbound marketing system for their business.

You have carefully (and repeatedly) explained the long-term process and the expected results. Yet, sometimes even with clear communications, the client gets restless for results.

… Just like the proverbial 4 year old in the back seat who repeatedly asks, “Are we there yet?” some clients are impatient to see results. Sometimes reassurance only goes so far.

The Challenge Of Inbound Marketing

As you know, one of the challenges with the inbound marketing methodology is showing results quickly enough for the client. To make the system work and get leads in the sales funnel for lead nurturing you must generate traffic. Unfortunately, this just takes time relying solely on blogging and social media.

Good news. There is an accelerant that can be used in the early phase of the process to increase targeted traffic.

One Quick, Powerful Accelerator

One good source of instant, targeted traffic that should be considered, at least during the early stages, is paid search traffic using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The PPC source of traffic can be enormously beneficial in the first 90 days, especially if you can insure that the ROI is positive.

Until your blogging efforts gain traction and you can replace the paid traffic with organic traffic, this is often an overlooked solution.

4 Good Reasons To Consider

Here are 4 reasons why paid search traffic can be a great component in your overall inbound marketing strategy:

1. You can get some quick wins.  Highly targeted pay per click traffic can start showing up on your client’s website within an hour of turning it on. You can begin collecting leads for your lead nurture campaign the very first day.

This gives you a quick win and tons of credibility in the client’s eyes, while helping the client settle down since they can already see some results.

2. You will receive extremely valuable data right away.  Pay per click targeted traffic can help you quickly identify the “money keywords.” These are the keyword phrases used by those most interested in your client’s products and services. You can then use these phrases as your bullseye keywords for your ongoing blogging effort.

In addition, in your ads you can experiment with different offers, positioning angles, and searcher motives to quickly discover the highest resonating messages. This valuable info can help accelerate your results in item #3.

3. You can accelerate the improvement of conversion rates.With steady, targeted traffic in the first 90 days, you can begin testing your landing page offers and wording to improve your conversion rates.

Then, when the organic traffic from your blog and social media accounts begin to arrive, you already have more highly optimized landing pages to convert visitors into leads (and leads into buyers through your lead nurture emails).website increasing customers (bar graph)

4. You can receive some excellent ROI.  Even after paying for traffic, it has been our experience that clients often receive a 100-300% ROI. That is due in part to the controllable, granular nature of the data, where you can scale those terms that are converting well while reducing those terms that are not delivering good ROI.

There are many other benefits from using pay-per-click advertising.

How To Make This Work For Your Agency

2nd Mile Marketing provides affordable white label PPC services to inbound marketing agencies so they can get some quick wins and valuable data to accelerate their long-term results.