CareIn 2012, I have learned this one word, and it is very powerful, “CARE”.

Think about it for a second. We throw this word around all of the time and we try to put it together with another word to make it seem like we really show interest or concern about something.
Check out this list of words:

  • lawn care
  • health care
  • day care
  • home care
  • child care
  • pet care
  • cancer care

The definition of care is also quite complicated. I want to focus on this part, “to have regard, affection, or consideration “

Care is a transaction. You cannot care by yourself. Look at the list of words above. Someone or something is being cared for.

With respect to marketing and client service, I have really looked at the word care from a number of angles.


Does the customer really care about these certain features or the processes involved with the final product or service?

When a customer calls, are we taking time to really care and understand his/her question or issues?

When we are talking to a client, are we doing the little extras to show that we care.


How can we take our marketing ideas and show the client we care about them?

How can we develop a better understanding of their wishes and show we care about their wants and work toward meeting those?

The reason I like the word care is that it is not an end-all, be all word. It takes work and you really have to work at showing it in action everyday to be successful. It is a much more powerful word than a like.

Check out these Statements and see how powerful the word care can be.

“I like a lot of Facebook Pages, How many of those do I really care about” I would rather care about something more than just liking something.

“A number of our clients, like our Facebook Page, what do they really care about” – My goal each day is to find out what people care about, not how many like us!

Understanding the word “CARE” in relationship to customers and marketing takes your whole marketing experience to a new level.

photo credit: sicamp via photo pin cc