Every four years I prepare for late nights, touching stories that make me teary-eyed and the prideful feeling of seeing an American athlete sing our national anthem on the medal stand. Yes, I am talking about one of my favorite obsessions…the Summer Olympics. My devotion to the summer games started at a young age (I still love you Mary Lou!) and I have been fanatical ever since.

Record viewership numbers reported by NBC earlier this week (40.7 million viewers for the opening ceremonies and 28.7 million on the opening day of competition) prove that I am not the only one who can’t get enough of Phelps and Lochte. Those numbers might not be as impressive as the more than 111 million that tuned into the 2012 Super Bowl, but it is enough for companies to use this as an opportunity to showcase some creative advertising.

In honor of the games, I wanted to share my favorite television commercials so far.

The bronze medal goes to British Airways.

The silver medal goes to Visa.

And, the winner of the gold medal is Proctor and Gamble.

What commercial has impressed you the most?

Let me know and GO TEAM USA!