CRM software is easy to use. Interfaces were designed so that anyone can figure them out and the reports make it easy to understand the data.

Most businesses use CRM software to get an idea of their ROI, lead generation campaigns, and email marketing efforts. But we have a secret tip that we’ll share in this blog.

No matter how well you serve customers, some are bound to complain. Some of these criticisms will be legitimate and some won’t. The former have a lot of value.

You should store and refer to those complaints to improve your customer experience. This Business News Daily article explains how you can use CRM software to organize and analyze all of your complaints:

“Turn customer complaints into learning opportunities. No matter how big or small the issue, keeping a record of customer complaints will give you insights into areas of weakness. CRM software lets you keep complete and detailed support logs for each account, making it easy to analyze what happened and pinpoint where you can improve the quality of your offerings and business practices.”

By organizing all your customer complaints with CRM software, you might notice certain trends and patterns. You might find out, for example, that customers aren’t happy with your customer service in the summer months. Rather than just reading one isolated complaint, you find a series of these in the software. This might indicate that your customer service representatives let their performance slide in the summer. You can then address this in your meetings.

You might also find things out about your marketing campaign. If multiple users complain about your site navigation, for example, then you’ll have to address that immediately. Reading multiple complaints gives you more evidence than hearing from just one customer.