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Key Focus: Like the NFL, you can’t afford to substitute ‘experience’ for ‘amateur’ and make bad calls when it comes to important business plays like your on hold marketing.

The NFL season has opened with replacement refs. Now, football is a complex and fast-paced game, and even the most experienced referees have been known to miss a call now and then. Can fans really expect these replacements to step in and perform at the NFL level?

No, they can’t. So the two words many fans might come to dread this season will be “under review.”

The review process often takes too long with the experienced guys. With replacement refs, the potential for longer delays increases. The goal, of course, is to ensure ultimately that the right call is made. But whether they get the call right nor not, the replay review often just manages to break the flow and put the game on hold.

Your business is a fast-paced game, as well. But what do callers get from your on hold marketing? When they are placed on hold, are they greeted with a hard-working, professional branding message or an amateur solution that’s just there to fill the gap?

A professional on hold marketing campaign accentuates your company’s value and sets your brand apart from the competition in your field. It anticipates a caller’s needs and is proactive in responding to those needs. It changes frequently to keep callers ahead of the game. And it’s blended with the right voice and background music to flow perfectly with the rest of your marketing goals.

On the other hand, an amateur message is filled with vacuous puffery. The message is mismatched to the music or the voice. And none of it accurately reflects what your company is really all about. In other words, it talks much and says very little.