Top companies aren’t the only ones investing in digital marketing. Everyone’s in on the game and it’s a noisy space. To break through, brands depend on marketing that’s more targeted, more creative, and more effective. This means pushing past the low hanging fruit, branching off from what you’ve always done, and breaking convention.

It’s tough work, but you don’t have to do it alone. A marketing agency can be your ally as you take your ideas one inch deeper.


When you bring in an agency, you’re bringing in a group of rogue marketers. They don’t know your history. They’re not primed to think about what you’ve always done. They’re a blank slate full of fresh ideas. While they’ll need some context for what you do, they won’t be held down by your marketing past. It’s a rare relationship where there’s no baggage. Their fresh eyes allow them to float those boundary-pushing, scary ideas that take your marketing to the next level.

As outsiders, agencies have the freedom to propose ideas without catering to office majorities. They won’t pick sides or filter ideas to fall in line with management. They won’t bend to the approach of last year. These are walls that need to be broken down and it takes an outsider to do that. You need an agency to come in, get crazy, and champion the wild ideas. No need for you to get in on the mess.

The last great advantage of an agency is their wide portfolio of experience. Unlike your internal team, they’ve seen it all. An experienced agency is exposed to a lot of different marketing in a lot of different industries. Sometimes these themes and ideas are transferable, and what’s tried and true in one industry could be groundbreaking in another.


You know that wide portfolio we talked about? It’s not the easiest thing to handle. In order to dig into all of these different playgrounds, an agency has to be insatiably curious. How else can you explain how we know about niche medical devices, turkey husbandry, and traffic optimization? If you’re not getting peppered with questions, your agency isn’t pushing hard enough. A good marketing agency will be all about precision questioning. In our industry, we survive by constantly trying to pinpoint what makes our audiences tick. Never taking that for granted is a big part of what predisposes agencies to pushing the envelope.

Guess what else an agency can never take for granted? Their clients! Bringing fresh marketing to you is what keeps the lights on. That means an agency is iterating and editing ideas before they land in your inbox. At Stryve, we’re constantly having riff sessions to vet our ideas and make them better. Can this targeting be narrower? Is there a simpler way of getting this message across? What about a different image that will grab more attention? An agency puts marketing ideas through the ringer for you.

So grab some shovels, a marketing agency, and get digging. There’s bigger, bolder, and better marketing for you to uncover.