Multi-channel Lead Generation Strategies for SaaS Companies (Featured Image)

Lead generation cannot just depend on one singular lead acquisition channel. We live in a time where all your potential customers are lurking on different platforms waiting to be tapped. It would be a shame not to create multiple channels of lead acquisition channels.

In this short article, we discuss the multiple channels that you can use for your SaaS company.


Digital marketing experts claim that there are more than 200 factors that cause your site to rank first. However, which of these factors matter the most?

Being first on search engine results pages (SERPs) matters a lot to your company because most of your customers are actively searching for things on their phones all day long.

Due to this, it pays to be first on SERPs. We won’t dive into this in detail, but consider hiring an SEO specialist to help you rank your website properly. When you’re first, you know that people would consider clicking on your web property before the second or third guys in the search. This is always a benefit.

The priority keywords that you want to rank for the ones with buyer intent. Second, are more specific keywords relating to information about your industry.

You want to do this because you want to be focused on converting.

Industry Referrals through Websites

Back in the day, we used to rely a lot on word of mouth advertising, and industry referrals through websites are kind of the same. Make sure you make friends with other complementary services in the industry so that they can refer you and you can do the same for us.

A simple recommendation on their website can do wonders for your business (and your SEO will always love having new links being sent to your website) because it assures potential clients that you are trusted in the industry.

Lead Nurturing

Here’s a problem that you have: you might have a lot of leads, but most of them will drop out of your pipeline if you do not strategize your efforts correctly. Lead nurturing is an essential part of your lead generation campaign.

Strategies such as email drip campaigns are really effective in making sure that you keep potential leads interested. However, you have to make sure that the nurturing that you do is really appealing to your customer base without being too annoying or too promotional.

Whitepapers and EBooks

Giving out whitepapers and eBooks are great lead capture moves that you can easily implement on your web property. All you have to do is put in a gateway where they have to enter their email addresses so that you can send them the whitepaper or eBook.

This proves to the prospect that your industry leader status and that you are willing to do give away great information for free. Make whatever you release relevant to the potential customer that you have. It has to be able to solve a problem that they usually have in their industry.

You don’t have to promote your products in these materials, a simple logo of yours somewhere there is a good enough reminder of your company.

Advertising and Retargeting

Your potential customers aren’t just lurking on one platform. They are on multiple platforms. It’s also not enough that you are just advertising on a singular platform.

Let us explain.

Say you’re publishing whitepapers and articles on LinkedIn to establish yourself as an industry leader. Your first instinct would be to advertise on LinkedIn only, right? Here’s a better way of pulling this off. Make sure you’re able to pull the emails of the people who are interested in your services and retarget these people again on Facebook.

In a sense, you get them on two platforms, with one being a subtle way of getting your name out there, and the second being the platform on where you try to convert them.

Free Stuff

We never really use the stuff we all get (S.W.AG.) for free but we love getting what we can …as long as it’s free. What some people do not realize is that you can this as leverage. Everybody loves a generous person and it also translates to the company that you have.

There’s a lot of stuff that you can give out for free. You can set up a competition online to win a free subscription for a year. You could also do “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” promotional campaigns. The possibilities are definitely endless.

Just remember.

Always leverage the free stuff that you want to give out to your potential customers.

As you can see, you can definitely make more progress when you strategically divide your resources into multiple lead generation and acquisition channels. You will be able to cover more ground and ensure that your efforts are as efficient as possible. As the saying goes, “two is always better than one,” but in this case, having more than two is always better.

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