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The list goes on and on with respect to ways you can reach your potential clients. Many companies try out different channels hoping to hit it big with one approach or even a combination of these approaches. In all cases they might be overlooking one major piece. That piece which you have figured out by now is content. It is so apparent that all of us, including myself need to really tell our story inside and outside the company.

We are living in an age where information is king. I would also add that more good, valuable information is needed to make the above approaches work. People want to know the who, what and why about a particular product or service. How are you getting that information to our clients? In the past, it used to be everything was funneled through a company brand. This type of approach is still very important, especially if your brand is a recognizable brand in the market. However, people now more than ever want to associated that brand with a person. Experiences happen with people not brands. When was the last time you talked about a major brand like it was a person? Now think of a brand and the people behind it. It’s much easier to make the connection with the people behind the brand then the brand itself.

It’s all about becoming transparent and making sure your clients understand who the people are behind the company brand. The best way to do this is developing content that helps inform, educate and entertain your current/potential clients. In 2013, I have written more blog posts on content marketing than any other subject. I don’t see that trend ending anytime soon and the results I have experienced in 2013 back up this trend. Also, think about the phone book and newspaper. How many of you have a current copy in your home? Where do you go to find out information about a company or a particular listing? It’s a trend that is continuing to evolve before our eyes.

So instead of spending all your time on what method you should use, funnel that time into producing content that does the following:

  • Talk about the current and historical standpoint of the company
  • Talk about news or information that affects your clients.
  • Give your clients one place to find this type of information. (Example Blog)

In addition, consider answering the following questions:

  • What type of benefits should your clients be receiving?
  • Who are some of the people that provide value at your company?
  • What trends is your company seeing in the market that affect your clients?
  • What innovative projects is your company working on or considering?

A company listed online with only the basic address information and about us tab is a directory listing at best. In order to see more success, you need to move away from a directory listing and build that into an experience listing. Providing your readers and seekers with content is the best approach.

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