Mobile Consumers Are Willing to Swap Personal Data for Offers

According to a recently released survey conducted by Harris Interactive, 9 in 10 mobile device users will swap personal information for offers.

Let that sink in for a moment. That’s quite a statistic.

Marketing Strategies Should be Built Around Consumer Data

Data is the bedrock on which successful mobile marketing strategies are built. Of course it’s really the insights teased out of the data that count; but no data, no insights.

What kind of data are we talking about?

Clearly consumers aren’t going to offer up sensitive data; however, the survey results did reveal a willingness to share useful information like:

  • 76% email address
  • 62% name
  • 57% location
  • 56% age
  • 36% address and mobile phone numbers

As you might expect, consumers differ on the kind of information they are willing to share. The chart below gives more detail.

Mobile _data

Mobile Consumers Value Offers

What constitutes an offer?

Participants in the survey mentioned free items, discounts, cash and future offer reminders. Offer value varies by several factors like interests, demographics, and psychographics. Often consumers will evaluate the offer relative to the information required in exchange. Most marketers test offer types and value to determine the most effective offer.

Data Collection Strategy for Marketers

Before you ask for data, create a plan. First ask yourself a few questions like:

  • What data do I need?
  • What am I willing to offer in exchange?
  • How will I use the data once I have it?
  • What other data will enhance what I have now?

Make sure you will be a good steward of the data. For example, you should have a data privacy policy and the data should be protected.

Mobile Marketing Engages Consumers

Don’t just ask, engage.

When you do decide to ask for data, don’t just execute a transaction, use the opportunity to find out more about your customer/prospect. I am not suggesting a full blown survey, just ask one question that will give you more insight into the attitudes and interests of your customers or prospects.

Mobile consumers are searching, shopping and action oriented. Use these tendencies to your mutual benefit. Don’t try and sell something, provide useful information as quickly as possible.

Mobile Marketing Requires a Thoughtful Gameplan

Play chess not checkers

Like playing chess, always be thinking about your next move. When I get the data I am asking for what’s next? If you know what data you want then you can collect this information through multiple interactions rather than attempting to collect everything at once.

Building the data inventory gradually will allow you to connect and engage in a more meaningful and relevant way.

Mobile Marketing is Customer-Centric so Make Sure to Mind your Manners

Thank consumers for their contribution, ask for feedback. Consumers are interested in having a voice; embrace this don’t run from it. Be respectful and courteous.

Now go and ask!

Once you have the foundation in place, start collecting and using the data. Experiment to determine the best practices for your business or industry.

What else would you suggest?