To coincide with National Small Business Month this past May, the folks at performed a survey of small businesses and their adoption of mobile marketing.

Among the various survey results about the use of mobile marketing, including why small businesses were doing it and what their expectations are for mobile, one stat really jumped off the page:

Of those small businesses who had established a stand-alone mobile website, 84% say they have seen an increase in new business activity as a result.

Just to absorb that result fully, they weren’t saying that their mobile websites had “generated some visits” or that customers “liked it”. Nope, not that. Since launching their mobile sites, 59 out of 70 respondents said they have seen an increase in new business.

It’s not often that marketing evidence is as clear and compelling as that.

But why? As we covered in a recent post, the mobile marketplace is growing incredibly fast. Increasingly, consumers are using their mobile devices to find places to shop, eat, and otherwise spend their money, and a stand-alone, mobile-optimized website is one of the cornerstones of a local search marketing program. When someone is on the move and ready to buy, a mobile website helps them read about our products, find our store, and come in and buy from us.

In addition to helping you take advantage of local search, mobile marketing opens the door to reach new customers through the popularity of apps. When apps are done right and offer something relevant and valuable, they offer incredible potential to reach new customers through viral sharing. If you sell online, apps also offer customers an easier way to buy from you. Domino’s Pizza has demonstrated fantastic success on both counts, developing apps for both iPad and Android devices.

Mobile is certainly proving that the old adage is true: with change comes opportunity!

What Next:

Pitney Bowes offers several applications to help small businesses get into mobile marketing. Sign up for a free trial of pbSmart™ Codes or sign up for pbSmart™ Mobile, a new and easy way to create your very own mobile website in minutes.

What about you? Are you running a mobile marketing program? Do these survey results change your thinking? Please share your thoughts below, we’d love to hear from you!