One common misconception that many businesses seem to have about the world of mobile marketing is that the industry is all about pushing ads towards consumers in any way possible. As mobile devices like smart phones and tablets rise in popularity, certain companies have begun bombarding customers with mobile ads in new – and unwelcome – ways. In reality, this approach could be driving customers away. Mobile marketing is all about maintaining a good relationship. And respecting your customer’s threshold for marketing messages is an important part of maintaining that relationship.

The personal experience

One of the many reasons that mobile marketing is all about cultivating a relationship is because the mobile platform in general is much more personal than computing has ever been before. Unlike a traditional desktop computing experience, consumers can take mobile devices with them wherever they go. Smart phones and tablets have mobile benefits that even laptop computers – which were designed to be as portable as possible – simply do not have. As a result, consumers are looking at advertisements on the mobile spectrum in a completely different manner. Companies that are using the same old marketing tactics in the mobile environment are in for quite the rude awakening, not to mention a lot of wasted money on unsuccessful campaigns.

The relationship

Assuming that customers will just read and absorb whatever you put in front of them in a mobile environment is mistake. Marketers need to gear mobile marketing campaigns not towards what the marketers themselves want to tell the customers, but what the customers actually want to hear. Because the mobile platform makes it easier than ever to reach a wide variety of people, it also means that customers are constantly experiencing generic and poorly-executed ad campaigns. Only through carefully cultivating and maintaining a relationship can your campaign rise above the rest and succeed in its primary goal – to turn potential customers into loyal customers.

Relationship practices

Certain marketing practices are great for initiating and building that marketer-customer relationship in the mobile environment. For example, engaging your potential customer through content related to their own interests is a great way to increase your conversion rates. Another example would be to get customers to provide information willingly through things like polls or discussion topics.

Social networks

Social networks can also be a great way for brands to build a sense of community around a particular product in the mobile environment. Social networks are no longer just for sharing pictures with loved ones or discussing regular topics with family and friends. Social networks aren’t just how people connect with one another – they’re increasingly becoming popular ways for people to find product reviews, get information and even find immediate news coverage. A mobile marketing campaign with a well-executed social networking and media component is definitely one way to gain an advantage over the competition.

As with most aspects of business management, executing a successful marketing campaign in the mobile world is a bit of a trial-and-error process. By observing what the competition is doing and by getting to know your customers, you can start to tell them what they want to hear instead of only what you want them to know. Then and only then will you begin to develop the relationship necessary for the campaign to succeed in its own right.