Executives: how often do you find yourself asking for traffic numbers and lead flow data from your marketing team? Daily? Hourly? Are you tired of sifting through detailed reports that lack high-level summary of the overall health of your website and landing pages? Thankfully, HubSpot customers can utilize a mobile solution for monitoring their inbound marketing efforts – with up-to-the-minute data and previous week/month comparisons.


The HubSpot mobile app boasts multiple ways of monitoring your inbound marketing efforts. Upon first opening the app (after connecting your HubSpot account) you’ll be greeted by a Dashboard that displays website visits compared to last month. You can also select a three month average or a YOY comparison:

You can also toggle between Visits and Leads, with the same date-range options:

The app itself is split between three types of reports: the Dashboard, Sources and Grader:


The Sources tab displays an in-depth look at your traffic, leads and customers from Organic Search, Social Media, Paid Search, Referrals, Email Marketing, Direct Traffic, Offline Sources and Other Campaigns. You have the option of viewing date-ranges by three days, one week, one month, three months or a custom range:


Rotating your iPhone allows you to zoom in on the bar graph:

Sources Rotated

Toggling over to Leads will give you the same data for conversions, as opposed to just traffic:

Leads by Source

The default view for Sources is the Funnel, as seen in the lower-righthand corner. You can toggle over to a Chart view to analyze your conversion rate (visits vs. leads):

As always, you have the ability to view different date ranges, which is ideal for analyzing specific campaigns or events.

Grader allows you to input any website url and retrieve a 0-100 score from HubSpot’s proprietary algorithm: which grades the overall health of a website. Contacts displays a complete list of leads in your database.


The ability to quickly assess your inbound marketing efforts from a mobile device is invaluable for any executive who wants to stay abreast of his marketing department’s activity. The HubSpot iPhone app gracefully combines high-level data with some in-depth reporting.

While marketers won’t be able to utilize the app to develop landing pages and forms (someday soon for the iPad?), they can however avoid generating reports for status meetings.

With the mobile app, executives won’t have to log into the web version of HubSpot and wade through all the development features to get to reporting.


  • Simple, minimalist interface
  • At-a-glance reporting of what matters
  • Competitive analysis
  • Marketers: no more report generation
  • Execs: no more bugging your marketing department for reports

If you’re already a HubSpot customer, don’t wait to download the iPhone app. It’s an ideal way to measure your efforts on the go!