Burst SMS - IDC Study

The International Data Corporation (IDC) conducted a research report to find out how smartphones and social media networks keep us engaged. The key finding in this study turned out to be quite surprising. Statistically, social media activity and the amount of engagements within the community far outnumber any type of direct contact. However, when it comes to feeling the most connected – people still prefer direct communication tools. This proves that as we grow towards a more passive way of mass communication, users will still prefer direct contact as a natural content filter. According to the study, text messaging came out on top.

How do people feel connected?

Here are the top 10 communication methods that make people feel the most connected:

  1. SMS – Text messages (49%)
  2. Phone conversations (43%)
  3. Facebook – Direct messaging (40%)
  4. Facebook – News feed (39%)
  5. Twitter – News Feed (37%)
  6. Facebook – Post (37%)
  7. Twitter – Post (35%)
  8. Email (34%)
  9. LinkedIn – Direct message (32%)
  10. Twitter – Direct message (32%)

Breakdown per Age Group

Once age brackets were taken into account, the results were even more interesting. Generally speaking, you would expect the later generation to prefer calling rather than messaging, however according to the chart below this is not the case.


Other Interesting Findings

  • 79% reach for their phone within 15mins of waking up
  • 62% reach for their phone immediately after waking up
  • 79% have their phone on or near them for all but up to 2hrs after waking
  • Mobile activity is at it’s peak during the afternoon
  • 90-95 mins (Mon-Thu) – the average time someone communicates on their smartphone on a weekday
  • 165-170 mins (Fri-Sun) – the average time someone communicates on their smartphone on a weekend
  • 131.43mins – the average time someone spends on their phone

As social networks numbers continue to rise, the sense of connection that direct communication delivers will be more valued. This makes tools such as text messaging the ideal service for businesses, which want to build stronger relationships with their customers.

*Originally published on: Burst SMS

*Source: IDC