It’s no secret that influencer campaigns have quickly become the most popular way to build brand awareness. Running a successful campaign has the ability to bring brand visibility that marketers can only dream of. A study conducted by Schlesinger Associates found that 81% of marketers who have conducted an influencer marketing campaign agreed that influencer engagement is effective.

However, there are many mistakes marketers can make in the process of running an influencer campaign that can lead to failure. Here are the top mistakes to watch out for when it comes to influencer marketing:

Going after the wrong influencers
Finding the right influencers is the key to success in an influencer campaign. Companies fall into a trap of only looking for influencers with a big following. Although an influencer may have tons of followers, that does not mean they have what it takes to effectively increase awareness of your brand. Look for these key indicators when searching for influencers:, including:

  • Quality followers
  • Relationships with their followers
  • Goals, objectives, values, demographics, reach, or messaging that aligns with your company brand

The best influencers that tend to be overlooked are the professionals within your industry. Not only do they have the most exposure with both your brand and the customers you want to reach, but they also have followers that trust their opinions and know that it must be good quality if they are using it. Always remember that your influencers are representing your brand, so it’s extremely important to choose them wisely.

Creating an inauthentic relationship
While a relationship between influencers and consumers is important, the relationship between your company and the influencers is just as important, if not more. You want to build a long-term, 1:1 relationship with your influencers. If you don’t take the time to build a relationship, they will start to feel used and are much less likely to spread positive awareness about your brand.

Lack of personalization
When looking for influencers, you need to make sure you know who you’re talking to and that your messages are targeted towards the right groups. Nothing will hurt your campaign more than sending out messages that are not relevant. Consumers are more than four times as likely to respond to a message, if the offer is personalized. By adding just a touch of personalization regarding the individual’s interests and behavior, your campaign will have higher engagements, greater brand trust, and more valuable, long-lasting relationships.

Not expressing gratitude
One of the easiest ways to fall off the radar of your influencers is by not acknowledging them. Saying thank you seems so simple, yet we still forget to do it. The most effective way to say thank you is through offering ProDeals. ProDeals will give your influencers exclusive access to special discounts and products you want to get in the hands of your most important customers. Offering ProDeals will not only make your influencers happy, but it will also benefit your company by giving you the ability to:

  • Test your direct sales process and product innovations with two-way conversations with your most important customers
  • Increase the margin of your ProDeal channel
  • Work directly with your influencers

Influencers are your most valuable customers, so you need to make sure you’re treating them like it. If you want to run a successful influencer marketing campaign always remember to find the right influencers, to create an authentic relationship, personalize the experience, and express your gratitude.