During the PwC Financial Services M&A in Asia Survey in 2011, there are 22 emerging opportunities for businesses when targeting locales in Asia alone. This means companies can target certain cities and countries in Asia for maximum profit from their lead generation and appointment setting campaign.

The following infographic shows the probability of success when targeting a specific country for business leads and appointments.


Looking at the above infographic, targeting China is deemed to have the highest chances of acquiring profitable leads and significant appointments. With the country’s populous lands of companies, organizations, businesses, and business minded people, it is no question why getting in touch with targeted decision makers.

However, it is also known that targeting China can be difficult as one needs a speaker who knows the country’s diverse languages. With about 56 Chinese groups, it can be hard to find someone who knows most of the languages.

Nonetheless, China is not the only superpower in today’s global economy. Other alternatives for targeted markets reside in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and even the country of Japan.

Conquering a lead generation and appointment setting campaign and have those companies proclaim financial success can come from targeting other countries. Targeting Japan, for one, can enable such a b2b marketing course to have a profitable conclusion.

Although sixth on the list, Japan is still an optimal choice for targeting leads and setting appointments. Wikipedia states that the country’s GDP in terms of PPP during 2011 was $4.44 Trillion. With over 120 million people living in Japan, and the country’s known fast-paced input in today’s global economy, companies from around the world takes no second glance when it comes to focusing their b2b marketing efforts to this locale.

These places are not the only sources for great leads. If one wishes to maximize their lead generation and appointment setting output, they can also target other locales such as India, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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