The Internet Social Class and the Inter-Not Social Class
If you’re reading this post now, you realize that something extremely invasive and powerful has changed the way we spend our lives. The Internet. The magnitude of the disruption was and still is beyond what many of us can handle. The majority of us are clamoring to regain our footing and there are some still holding on to the past. The problem here though, is that technology is advancing much quicker than we can keep up with– something respected thought-leader, Brian Solis, calls Digital Darwinism.

Life in 10 Years
The divide between the those who are “plugged in” and those who are “not” will only widen, a societal division between two vastly different groups of people, the Internet class and the Inter-Not class.

Is this Advancement?
Those of us who work very hard to keep up with the ever-changing complexities of new platforms, those that draw us into the space which creates unimaginable possibilities for human advancement, will in effect, live a very different existence from those who don’t. Their experiences and interactions with others will have an entirely different set of cultural mores and rules as if they were different social classes entirely.

Few of us have the luxury of time to devote to studying every new fancy that emerges on the scene, but the Millenniels will have it easier– the way of mobile access to the world has always been at the touch of their fingertips. But as older generations live longer, and the gap widens, the Inter-not class will certainly find life increasingly bewildering, frustrating and uncertain while the Inter-net class will live a fragmented existence, feeling empowered but overwhelmed.

And yet society will require all of us to somehow to work and live together.

Dancing with the Stars
Smart businesses are working feverishly to keep up with the pace of rebuilding, but on a new and untested foundation. What is clear: if they don’t, they’ll end up as some relic of the past, a has-been, antiquated and archaic. Smart businesses, too, would be wise to create a marketing strategy that addresses the needs of both of these very different social classes of consumers. A single business model is no longer sufficient in the digital economy. Businesses must learn (and quickly) how to Tango equally as well as they do hip-hop, relying on specialists and the best instructors they can find, and at the same time conditioning that body to move in ways that they haven’t had to before.

Would love to hear what you think life will be like in 10 years from now in the comments below.