Marketing ChaosSome things to think about:

Do your homework? – When companies want to do business with you, make sure you get some information about their company. Is their company in good standing financially speaking? What are people saying about their company on social media sites? Will an association with this particular company help or hinder your reputation in the long run? Do a background check on the owners of the company.
Buyouts and mergers are at an all-time high – Companies that do business with you today, may quickly turn to someone else because of the leadership in place. Follow companies closely and watch the warning signs: upper management retiring or taking new positions.

Follow your legislative activity at the state and national level
– How will new legislation affect your business? Will these new regulations be in place this year or in the future? How are your customers affected? How is your business affected? Can you take steps now so you are ready for some of these regulations.

Follow the shift of your customers on social media – GooglePlus will be changing sometime in 2015. How will this affect Google Search Marketing? Is the face of Twitter changing to more of a broadcasting platform? Do people get their news from the Facebook News Feed? Are more professionals going to Linkedin to find information about companies?

How are people finding you? – We are in the age of multi-channel approaches? Where do people find your brand? What information are they using to make their final decision? (Website, Social Media, Word-of-Mouth, Tradeshow) Tracking client behavior is a chore and its getting more fragmented.
What is happening with Television and Cable Industry? In five years the face of cable television will change dramatically. Will we be watching more shows on portable devices than flat screens?

Mobile marketing – People are on their smartphones all the time. How do we as marketers get on their radar? I don’t know if anyone has the complete answer here.

What other areas are you addressing when it comes to dealing with the chaos?