Marketers prepare for everything!

You have to read this article today if you are a marketer. I could not believe some of the quotes presented in this article. I was really alarmed how some marketing executives are thinking.

Check out these quotes from the article:

“You and your companies and organizations are not investing enough in the marketing tools or training that you need,” she said.

“Today’s marketing executive is trying to do so many things,” Patterson said. “They need to ask ‘Is what I am doing going to help my company achieve what it needs to in the next 12-to-18 months?’” she said.

“Today’s marketing executives are drowning in work,” she said. “They just have to make sure that what they are working on really matters to the organization’s goals.”

Do you as a marketing professional really feel this way? Maybe you do? For me, the main item missing in these statements is the client. (Current, Potential and New)

Here is my response to these quotes:

  • I want to focus on finding the right clients and adapting tools and techniques to better meet their needs.
  • If I focus on the client, I will see a difference in the bottom-line for my company in the next 12 to 18 months.
  • Everyday, I try to connect with new clients and listen to the needs of current clients. If you focus on meeting client needs, it will help you stay focused on what really matters.

It is too easy to lose contact with clients and their needs. Right now, everyone needs clients. This is the key to success, especially in trying times. Be careful that you do not get sucked into how others view marketing and their current positions. Be different! Stay focused on meeting client needs and less about how hard you are working, the right tools or training you might not be receiving.

Picture via kirstyhall