Are you having a hard time getting people to read your blogs and posts on a regular basis?

Do you want to connect with people who actually read your posts and care to agree or disagree with your comments on a regular basis?

Here is one approach I have used to help me connect closer with people on Linkedin, Twitter and Google Plus. If you write blog posts or post interesting information or links on these sites, look at the audience you are connecting with a little closer.

I really like connecting with people with the following demographics on follow/follower counts.

  • Linkedin  Connections 200 – ??
  • Twitter  Following 500 – 5,000 and Following back 500 – 10,000
  • Google Plus – Following 50 – 3,000 and Following back 50 – 5,000

My point here is that people, whose numbers are in these areas are people who are really trying to use the platforms for what they were intended for. They are not about adding several hundered followers a day and watching their numbers rise on a daily basis. They are taking the time to connect with their friends and followers and they will share your content with their friends more frequently.

These people are usually the key  people in companies who are actually use this technology successfully in their companies. Also, they are the difference makers in their companies.  

People who have follow/following numbers over 100,000 are awesome people.  I think it is ok to follow them, but they have so many people they connect with, how are you going to get on their radar. Spend your time working with the people who will connect with you on a regular basis and actually see your comments and posts. These people are the really valuable ones.

Now if you are into impressions and you are hoping for the ultimate retweet by one of these people, you may see a bump in your follow/following numbers for a day, but you will quickly be forgotten. Trust me!It is a hard lesson to learn. It is awesome to get your post spread to hundreds and thousands of people, but are they doing it because of your content or are they just repeating comments that a super user said. You need to really watch this type of communication closely.

The goal here is consistency. Wouldn’t you like to connect with people who actually read your content on a regular basis, sign-up for your daily posts and actually share the information because they know you? This is the real difference maker. It takes time, (minimum a year) for the average social media super user.

Picture source homesbythomas