Initial Fan Acquisition

Unless you have previously run marketing campaigns for your brand’s Facebook fan page or you have had a fan page for a while and have made an effort to engage and interact, the number of fans you begin with will be relatively low.

In order to acquire new fans and increase the growth of your Facebook fan page, it will be necessary to run paid advertising using Facebook ads.  Here are some key points to bear in mind when running the paid campaigns in Facebook.

  • Set a budget
  • Set a goal
  • Always check the cost per acquisition of a new fan (cost divided by number of new fans)
  • Make adjustments to targeting in order to lower the cost of acquisition
  • Target according to fans who will potentially become paying customers
  • Begin instantly communicating with new fans

It is important to realize, even at an early stage, that you cannot just grow your fan base and expect to make a sale.  Additionally, paid advertising can be run directly in Facebook.  Therefore there is no need to find a storefront provider based on their ability to run ads from their admin interface.  This is just an extra revenue stream for the provider and is of little benefit to your brand.


From the moment your brand begins to acquire new fans it is imperative to interact with them.   Interaction and engagement between a brand and its fans involves building a relationship that involves getting to know a little about each other before any form of selling can take place.

Run contests, ask questions, show polls, give relevant and interesting information to the fans.  Find out a little about them and share ‘exclusive’ information with them about your brand and about you.  Don’t hide behind your brand.  Use a real name and a real identity and become the ambassador of your brand.

There are many free or low costing apps that can be used to interact and engage your fans.  Always have a plan of action for engagement.

Identify Your Key Fans

Knowing who amongst your fans are social influencers are key to the success of your Facebook store.  If your store front provider does not provide this key data, perhaps you are with the wrong social store provider.  There are 3rd party applications which, for a small monthly fee, can be integrated into your Facebook fan page and analyze who your brand influencers.  Extole provides a whole suite of social analytics built to identify your potential brand evangelists.

Make It Viral

So you’ve heard about how easy it is to market on Facebook but, unless you follow the above steps, you’ll find yourself stuck in a dead end and wondering where to go from there.  Making something viral doesn’t just happen on its own.

By this time, you have got to know your fans a little, seen who can potentially help spread the word about your brand and have started to build a fan base.  Understanding what goes viral and why is the key to watching something get spread by ‘word of mouth’.  From a great discount to a one day flash sale offering genuine bargains these are the type of online deals that go viral.  Give these deals a kick start by offering additional reductions to your identified brand evangelists to spread the word.  Don’t forget to keep measuring the success of your promotions.

Analyze and Optimize

Commerce on Facebook is still in its infancy.  The only proven data out there are case studies from large brands that have invested quantities of time and money to achieve results.  What is known at this stage is that flash sales and big discounts work well with social media.  Every time your brand makes a promotion or executes a plan, always have the right tools which enable you to analyze and thereby optimize for future promotions.