evergreen contentDoes your website or blog feature evergreen content? This type of content has a longer shelf life than most of the information we publish. Because it’s not tied in with the latest headlines, evergreen content remains relevant for years, and attracts inbound links. As you know, Google loves sites with plenty of genuine links coming in.

I’ve found that some of my evergreen posts about writing, podcasting, podcast scripting or podcasting gear have attracted traffic for five years or more. So have some of my podcasts. One episode about internal podcasting still gets traffic after more than six years. Talk about the long tail!

If you’re considering evergreen content, you might include how-to videos and blog posts, white papers and “explainer” pieces. An explainer doesn’t just define something; it makes it clear and easy to understand.

I’ll let you in on a secret: I sometimes mine my own outbox for ideas for evergreen content. You can do this too. If you hear the same question from umpteen clients, you know the answer could very well be turned into an evergreen blog post, podcast or video. At the same time, look at your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools. What types of content are people consistently visiting? If your blog is like mine, a few dozen posts garner the most visits.

Evergreen ideas
I’ll bet you can quickly come up with plenty of ideas for evergreen content. Here is some inspiration to get you started:

  • Check your own files or your email outbox to determine the questions you answer most often for clients and prospects.
  • Examine your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to discover the topics your audience wants information about.
  • Consider writing a “how to work with____ (your profession)” post. So if you’re a freelance writer, you’d write a post about how organizations can get the most of their relationship with a freelance writer. A graphic designer or web developer could write a similar post. So could any professional.
  • Do a roundup post of the best sources of information in your field, or a directory of the top 10 podcasts in your niche, in your estimation. You get the idea. Use your expertise and knowledge to curate information and create useful content.

Evergreen creation tips
As for the creation of the content itself, here are some tips:

  • Keep written material short and to the point. People often don’t really read; they skim.
  • Use bullets and subheads.
  • Add a photo or graphic to attract the eye.
  • If you produce a video, keep it to two minutes. Be sure the quality is good and the sound pristine. You can shoot yourself in the foot with a fuzzy picture and muddy audio.
  • For text, audio or video content, be sure to keep SEO in mind when you create your meta-data.

Have you had success with evergreen content? If you’d like to learn more about this subject, check out my special report on content marketing.