Detox. Cleanse. We’re seeing these words more frequently as juicing grows in popularity, particularly at this early point in the year when people are kicking off their New Year’s resolutions or getting ready to fly south on vacation to escape the winter chill.

Does Your Marketing Strategy Need a Detox?

While we’re used to hearing these words when it comes to healing our bodies, have you ever considered what impact the idea behind these words could have on your marketing strategy?

A “juice cleanse” for your marketing strategy

The idea behind a juice cleanse is to rid the body of all the unnecessary toxins it acquires over time that aren’t helping its functionality. By flooding the body with high doses of condensed nutrients, it is able to flush out what it doesn’t need and is able to reset itself to look, feel and perform at its best, particularly after all of those holiday indulgences.

Just as a juice cleanse can keep your body performing in top shape, a marketing cleanse can keep your marketing strategy at peak performance as well. Take the opportunity to look closely at how you are marketing your company, find out what isn’t working and replace it with the nutrients that your marketing strategy needs to keep your company growing and performing at its best.

Cut the excess

Before starting a juice cleanse, one must eliminate all of the excess from their diet and introduce mainly plant-based foods for a brief period to prep the body for the transformation it’s about to undergo. The same could be said for a marketing detox. Getting rid of all of the marketing efforts that are outdated or aren’t doing anything for your company is a crucial first step in revamping your marketing strategy.

Are there things in your marketing plan that are no longer generating ROI? Have you been putting too much emphasis on outbound marketing (push marketing) and not enough emphasis on inbound marketing (pull marketing)? What about your dependence on tried and true methods of the past such as cold calls and purchased lists that are no longer generating the results they once did? These are the kinds of questions that you need to ask as you look to cut the excess.

Change your outlook

It’s also time to become more customer-focused and less self-focused in your marketing efforts. Today’s savvy consumer is looking for you to help them and educate them, not pitch your products or services. So any kind of marketing that sounds “salesy” will only deter prospects and customers, not attract them.

And while it is essential to create content, stop creating content just to have a lot of it. Today’s consumer is looking for quality over quantity, and helpful content in the form of blog posts, eBooks, infographics and white papers is going to build trust with your audience.

Now that you’re back to basics…

Begin your cleanse by identifying what is missing from your marketing strategy or what needs to change now that you have trimmed the fat, so to speak. Just as you would use the time during a juice cleanse to rest your body from the stress of many day-to-day work and social activities and to revitalize it with a rush of the nutrients it needs, take this time to really get to know your product or company and learn what exactly it needs to take it to the next level of performance.

As you’re doing this, move the focus from what makes your specific brand sound awesome to the type of content your consumers would seek out and need. By providing this information, you become an authority figure in your industry and are able to gain the trust of potential customers and clients.


In order to maintain the benefits received during a juice cleanse, a healthy lifestyle must be maintained following it—and maybe a few green juices a week. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that some maintenance will be required to keep up the responses that your company or product is getting following your marketing detox.

Be sure to integrate all of your social platforms and instead of posting very specific things to each different platform, start using them as a team to promote all of your great, new content in different ways to reach the widest audience possible. Keeping a close eye on your data and analytics and actually listening to it is also important so that you are able to learn what exactly is working now that you’ve revamped. Stick only with what’s working and don’t continue with something that’s not just because you feel like you have to—if you learn anything from a detox, it’s to trim the excess.

Finally, be sure to communicate with your audience and keep the conversations alive. You’ll gain trust from the customers speaking with you and attract more followers the more that you are able to connect with people. Never underestimate that customers need to reach you and allow them the ability to get in touch with you easily.

Keeping your marketing strategy clean, efficient and up-to date is essential in reaching your target audience and making sure that your content is seen. Keep the conversation going and let us know what else you take into consideration during a marketing revamp.