inbound marketing strategiesWhat does it take for a marketing campaign strategy to really draw the target audience in and make a long lasting high impact impression?

Here are seven winning marketing campaign strategies sure to make your marketing shtick strong enough to stick around.

1. Clear & Concise Calls-to-Action

To begin with, your marketing campaign strategies should always implement a call-to-action. What do you want your audience to do with the information you’ve just given to them? The best calls-to-action are up front and easy to find. You only have your visitor there for as long as you can hold their attention, so don’t waste time by camouflaging your call-to-action within the information. While you’ve got their attention, get direct in order to get results. The call-to-action should also be clear and concise. Don’t waste time trying to be cute and clever.

2. Hyper-Target to a Niche Audience

Which would you prefer, quantity or quality? This age-old debate rears its head once again in today’s marketplace but the answer is an absolute. Quality, without a doubt! Such platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are providing valuable, volunteered information to marketers about the likes, dislikes and personal details of each audience member. A wealth of information that once took marketers months, or years to acquire is now just a click away.

Use this information to hyper-target the audiences most likely to be interested in your product, or service and stop wasting time by throwing out a large net and hoping to catch a few fish. You’ll be able to produce more meaningful information and develop stronger leads.

3. Create a Story That Speaks to All Medias

The most successful marketing campaign strategies create a story around their brand that audiences can connect with. And if you really want your brand to capture an audience, give the people what they want. Content that is accompanied by imagery gains an average of 94% more total views than content alone. Combine imagery with audio and you’ve got 80% of internet users who recall watching a video ad on a website within the last 30 days.

People are busy and the statistics repeatedly show that visual marketing outperforms content alone. But keep in mind, high ranking search engine results are also content-driven. So mix it up. Use a combination of the three and keep your audiences engaged, interested and intrigued about your next story.

4. Make It Easy to Share

Gain the most reach by making sure your marketing campaign strategies include information that is easy to share. While it’s important to engage your direct network, the true value of Internet marketing is the fact that your campaign can reach far beyond that.

Give your articles short, catchy titles that will intrigue viewers. Include enticing meta descriptions for a teaser and add imagery for intrigue. Lastly, make sure social sharing buttons exist on your website. A recent study from BrightEdge Technologies concluded that websites produce seven times more mentions on the Internet if sharing buttons are present.

5. Inspire Interaction

If you can inspire interaction that entertains your audience, they will be far more likely to share with their friends. Take the Elf Yourself interactive campaign by OfficeMax. Using, they encouraged their audience to upload a photograph of themselves and morph into an animated Christmas elf. Audiences found this interactive element so fun and silly, they shared with friends and encouraged others to try OfficeMax’s Elf Yourself. To date, half a billion people have “elfed” themselves, making this interactive campaign one of the greatest marketing campaign strategies of all time.

You probably don’t have the resources to create a campaign like this, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spark interaction. Start a contest, or fundraiser and get creative with how you involve your audience.

6. Use a Memorable and Repeatable Spokesperson

Some of the most successful marketing campaign strategies utilize a spokesperson that audiences recognize and connect with.

  • The Geico gecko

  • Flo, the eccentric spokesperson for Progressive

  • The most interesting man in the world for Dos Equis

  • The Pillsbury Doughboy

A familiar face works on several levels for your brand. First, it gives audiences something to recognize besides a logo or slogan. Second, audiences better identify with a spokesperson as opposed to just a name. Lastly, the antics of these brand spokespeople create a following. Audiences are interested in what the spokesperson will say or do next and because they are essentially characters, they exist for the purpose of pushing your brand and can be used throughout all marketing campaigns.

Does your brand have a spokesperson? Who at your organization should represent your brand? It doesn’t have to be a talking lizard (although if you happen to have one, my vote is to pick them). Value based messages from the CEO, VP of Marketing, or Director of Sales can be equally brandable. Additionally these messages can position members of your team as thought leaders.

7. Go Completely Against Traditional Methods

It is said that no one ever made history by behaving themselves. In order to truly break the mold and create a campaign that blasts your brand to the next level, throw away the tired, traditional marketing methods and push the limits. Today’s audiences celebrate innovative and different ideas. So poke fun at those who conform to the old-school methods for marketing and get creative. The whole point is to stand out from all the rest.

To sum it all up, marketing campaign strategies should encompass all marketing tools with an audience experience focus in mind. Consistent, remarkable, sharable content that inspires action, engages viewers in a story and stands different from every other marketing campaign will impact success. And don’t forget to target your message to the audiences most likely to appreciate what you have to share. This will fortify stronger networks capable of yielding relationships.

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