kdbcms / Pixabay

The only way to be effective at marketing is to start with the current company culture.

I have seen this occur throughout my career. Engagement needs to occur with employees first if it is going to be effective. It really points to a need where companies who are most engaged with their employees will be more effective. Too often this area is overlooked and marketing departments try to be the voice of the whole company.

At most of the places I have worked, management typically worked with at an arm’s length away from everyone. Many people still like this approach, especially those people adverse to any change. Today, companies may need to turn on a dime and regroup. It is critical that people from all departments are on board with these changes. I believe that a closer relationship with employees is vital for true marketing success to work. In the past, marketing departments operated in silos and as a result, they spent as much time promoting the accomplishments of their department as a way to show value.

Today, I look at marketing much differently.

Some of the areas I focus on are the following:

  • Creating excitement
  • Implementing new themes and reinforcing core values
  • Getting feedback on current projects
  • Identifying pain points from our employees
  • Implement an easy-to-use CRM
  • Schedule time periodically to discuss “big projects”

Finally, start conversations with people throughout the organization. Make sure they know you have their backs and they are an important piece in bringing on new customers and retaining current clients. This step is critical and can really build momentum if done correctly. Also, know as a leader, not everyone will be on board. Isn’t that true of the market. Find a way to deal with it and continue to persevere. It’s worth the effort. Take personal responsibility and stand by your ideas. Mistakes will occur, but hopefully, recovery will happen quicker and better decisions can be made going forward.