geralt / Pixabay

Over the past few months, I am really seeing a whole new way of getting people’s attention. I believe the following changes are happening right before our eyes.

  • People are tired of sifting through content to find value
  • People’s attention spans are becoming shorter and shorter
  • Bottom-line: People are placing a higher value on their time than they have in the past.

People are less patient and their expectations are much higher than they have been in the past.

As a result, I am working on marketing initiatives that can penetrate this rapidly changing culture. It is not an easy assignment, but I am starting to see areas that can really make a difference. Too much emphasis these days is on social media marketing. Yes, social media sites are popular, but now the information posted is frankly poorer quality. Add to this, the fact that more content is posted than ever before and now you have a place that is harder and harder to get noticed.

I came to this realization this year. I cut back on the content I was generating because it was just that, “content”. More content does not result in more results. It did a few years ago, but times have changed. Instead, I have redirected my energies in other areas.

Here are some areas I am focusing more on.

Public Relations: I believe people still connect with recognizable brands. Today, Amazon is trying to shut down company brands, but the great brands are finding ways to stay relevant. The New York Times and Wall Street Journal are two examples. I believe Kohl’s and Starbucks are continuing to look for ways to develop stronger brands. Amazon is the leader here. Look at all of the new initiatives that are communicated each week in leading business journals.

Short Videos: I am seriously looking at the prospect of creating concise videos that focus on one particular “value” topic.

Going More for Experiences: It is time to really become directors and look at creating a production that resonates with people. People want more and we need to spend more time planning rather than reacting.

Putting Social Media Where it Belongs: I really struggled with this one, but it has made all the difference. Without a strong PR presence, social media is not nearly as effective. Social Media is a great communication channel to share content that has been validated by a credible resource, famous person, a rising star, a growing company, a recognized business leader, etc. Just being on a social media site does not make information credible.

Looking for Ways to Be Disruptive: Today, the opportunities are right in front of us. Amazon is the leader in this area and I have learned so much from their approach over the past year. It is one of the reasons, they continue to grow their customer base. Being disruptive really starts with looking at companies outside of your own industry.

Developing a Stronger Personal Brand: It is going to be important for business leaders to be recognized more and more in their respective industries as well as their communities. This area is always going to be a work in process every day.


Marketing is changing and it is getting harder to get noticed in a noisy world. Today, people are processing so much information and they are on the search for adding value to their lives. Ten years ago, Amazon was selling books and was becoming a leader in that industry. With the advent of the smartphone and advanced technology, people really saw a need for maximizing their time by ordering items online and having them delivered to their homes. Now, Amazon is not only known for books but is also known for fresh food, clothes, computer system support and online streaming shows and movies. The marketing landscape can change quickly and only those companies willing to make changes will survive. Marketing is one piece of this equation. Process improvement and advancement are also needed.