Establishing a business from scratch entails a variety of tasks. Not only is each task crucial but also comprises a number of steps. As a result, these are extremely time-consuming. In this highly competitive landscape of businesses, managing all tasks accurately and rapidly has become quite vital.

Marketing is one of the most significant aspects of businesses. Done right, it can enhance lead acquisition and revenue generation considerably. However, certain marketing tasks of businesses are redundant and take up more time than estimated, thus slowing down other tasks. The good news is, many marketing processes can be automated with the help of the right technology.

With the rapidly increasing digital noise on the Internet, it has become extremely important to constantly reinforce brand awareness to reach out to the target customer base. Automation can not only increase the amount of work done but also improve accuracy and precision.

Let’s take a look at some of the marketing processes that can be automated.

Managing Social Media Marketing

Social media is a crucial aspect of all businesses. In fact, social media marketing has been found to increase exposure of a brand by 89%.

Apart from interacting with customers, social media marketing involves several other activities which include curating news, trends and articles relevant to your business and publishing them. It also comprises scheduling certain promotions and offers etc. With the help of certain software programs, these social media marketing process can be managed automatically.

Customer Engagement

As soon as your marketing efforts begin to bring in customers to your business, the next thing you need to focus on is retaining them. One of the effective methods to retain them is by implementing customer engagement strategies. For this, it is important to find opportunities to build meaningful relationships with them.

Some of the tasks involved in this include the following:

  • sending a welcome email
  • letting them know about the costs involved
  • promotional offers
  • certain prompts based on user preference and activity
  • offering support services and so on

Such an automation process can be accomplished with the help of customer data. This data can be accumulated by offering free WiFi to customers when they walk into the business premises. Following up with leads is crucial for business development and automating this process can reap positive results in less time.

A/B Testing

A/B testing involves the comparison of two versions of a web page to determine which one draws in more conversions. This helps you find out how changes in an existing web page will be received by users. With changes being implemented constantly to a website, manually conducting such testing can consume a lot of valuable time. This is where automating the A/B testing process becomes relevant.

Whether you are testing a new visual against the existing one or a new color of the CTA button, automating the testing process will provide the means required to conduct such marketing experiments successfully. It would also make the task easier.

Data Analytics

It has become increasingly important for marketers to identify market opportunities to drive sales. Data forms a very crucial aspect of the entire process. Various tools can help in gathering this data and deriving actionable insights from it.

With the right tools, all members of the marketing team will have access to the pool of valuable data that can help in enhancing lead generation. This will help in making informed decisions while devising business strategies.

Content Curation

Apart from the process of creating innovative and authentic content, certain tasks can be automated easily. For example, tools can be used to research the trending topics on which content can be created. With these tools, you can have a personalized content feed to help you with generating ideas for contents. This would also help you in uncovering interesting facts that you can include in the content.

With the automation tools handling the discovery and filtering of relevant content, you can easily create engaging content.

Automating these marketing processes will help in freeing up more time to focus on devising the essential strategies for optimizing sales and converting leads. That being said, it is crucial to identify your needs and sort the priorities before deciding on which tasks to automate. Keeping track of progress will help in making the process even more efficient.

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