In a recent post I discussed the power of a multi-pronged approach to content marketing. However, if you are building a business you shouldn’t scrap the “old school” techniques of yesteryear. If anything, you should find a new way to leverage proven marketing tactics for the modern world. Here are some ways that we market with surprising success:

1) Direct Mail: Whether it is a post card to those we interact with on social media or a hard copy proposal to potential clients, we still use direct mail to market our service. In the past we have used this in conjunction with telemarketing efforts to “prime the pump” as it were before making calls. In every case, we use it to complement other types of marketing. And in every case, it increases our impact from 5-10%.

Marketing Mix that will Surprise You2) Telemarketing: The key to telemarketing has always been the list. When we first used this type of marketing we purchased lists from Hoover’s that did fairly well. Now that we have a more traditional sales person in place, we work together to create a solid lead list. This means a lot less calls BUT a lot more conversions. We have also added casual phone calls to our social media schedule. In other words, Emma (our Social Media Manager) makes a few calls each day to people she interacts with on social media. Just a way to solidify the connections made online.

3)  Banner Advertising: This is a bit tricky and we have had many bumps on the road. However, we have found banner advertising to still be an effective way to market our content writing service. We don’t use Google Adwords but instead work with sites directly or with media buy sites like Buying ads directly from sites can be an arduous but highly profitable avenue of marketing. If you aren’t already watching the podcasts on I highly suggest them. A recent Master’s Class with the founder of is more than worth the money and walks you step by step through the process of direct media buys.

4)  Gifts: Sometimes we send clients brownies or a gift basket or whatever to remind them that we are a company that cares. We used to pick one client per pay period, now we have a certain cost associated with their gift. For example, when a client spends 5k with us we send them a large gift basket. When they spend 10k we send a more customized gift. Since we work closely with our clients we usually know the names of their office members, how big their office is, etc. so we can really shine when it is time to buy gifts. PLUS, if the client is on social media they almost always talk about what we did and bring us more clients.

And of course, all of this is in addition to our content marketing efforts. Staying creative and leveraging proven strategies with a modern twist will always keep you ahead of your competition.  It’s hard to believe that Content Equals Money hits just our one year anniversary next month, as we have been growing like gangbusters. And without any outside funding, it’s been an incredible journey.

What type of “old school” techniques are you using to promote your business? We’d love to hear about it!