eid stampWhen we think about the conjunction of mail and advertising, we typically focus on direct mail campaigns, bringing advertising to your door. Often overlooked, however, is the role of stamps themselves in advertising mail as a medium. It’s easy to forget that the Postal Service issues stamps that feature anything but an American flag, but it’s true! In fact, the US Postal Service frequently issues a range of stamps inspired by historical figures, events, cultural landmarks, and even animals. These stamps are a demonstration of what our country revered, remembers, and enjoys, and adding these colorful stamps can turn an average advertisement mailing into an item of special interest.

Remembering the March on Washington

For the 2013 calendar year, one event that the US Postal Service has chosen to commemorate is the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington. Black History month – February – brought a Rosa Parks stamp, and August – the month of the historic March – brought a March on Washington stamp. The March on Washington stamp is a particularly remarkable piece from the US Postal Service, a composite image of approximately 3,000 photos submitted by Facebook users, a limited edition stamp unlike anything released in the past. What better way to get your customers’ attention than with a stamp as unique as they are?

Celebrating Eid

For the last several years, the US Postal Service has issued a stamp commemorating the two yearly Eid celebrations in the Muslim community – Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha. The Eid stamp marks these two major festivals when Muslims wish each other Eid Mubarak, a phrase that means “blessed festival.” This phrase is stylized in Arabic calligraphy on the face of this special edition stamp. Wish the growing Muslim community Eid Mubarak by adorning your mailings with this beautiful stamp.

Wedding Wishes

Does your company specialize in wedding-related products or wedding planning? The US Postal Service offers a range of wedding stamps, including the wedding cake and the “I Do” stamp. The “I Do” stamp is specially priced to allow for heavier envelopes – the sort that carry invitations and the associated accoutrements inside. The “I Do” stamp also comes alongside a partner stamp in a similar design meant for save the date cards. Remind you customers that you can help make their special day its best with these charming stamps.

What type of special stamps would you like to see? Do you use commemorative stamps on your mailings?