Executing Your Marketing PlanWhat an exciting weekend of college basketball! The Kentucky Wildcats are headed to another Final Four – to the great surprise of many (including me)!

The Wildcats have one of the most talent-laden teams in college basketball. However, the team struggled throughout the season and the losses started to pile up.

Many wrote the season off as a loss and then something magical happened – the team started playing together and winning. Not just little wins, but impressive wins against formidable opponents on their path to the Final Four.

For most of the year, the Kentucky basketball team wasn’t playing to win. They had a great offensive and defensive strategy, but they weren’t executing the strategy as a team.

Your marketing plan is no different. A well-crafted marketing plan that sits in a three ring binder on your shelf won’t help achieve your business goals! Hard work, action, consistency, and analysis are required to successfully execute your marketing plan.

In my experience, many marketing plans are not executed because of a fear of failure…

  • “What if we spend a lot of time and money on this campaign and nothing happens?”
  • “How do we know if this marketing strategy will work?”
  • “Is there a guarantee this marketing plan will increase sales?”

You can’t be afraid to fail! Every marketing campaign will not be a huge success and you will not always reach your goals. That’s just the way it works. The key is to learn from each campaign and make the next one better.

Do you think Andrew Harrison was thinking about missing his legendary three pointer when he was shooting under intense pressure?

I don’t think so! He was focused on getting to a good spot on the court and executing a great shot.

Stay focused on executing your marketing strategy with excellence. After all, that’s the only thing you can control.

Winning in the marketing arena is tough – only the strongest, most agile, action-oriented businesses with the best strategies will win in the long run.

Are you executing your marketing plan? Do you have a marketing plan? Let’s chat about how we can take the madness out of your marketing!