If you have a smartphone or a young child, you’re probably aware of the green pigs and red birds featured in the app called Angry Birds, which has been downloaded one billion times. These cartoon animals brought Finnish company Rovio earnings of $106 million in 2011. Thirty percent of those earnings have come from items like apparel, toys, pillows and even cookbooks.

However, Rovio wasn’t always a success. In fact, they almost went out of business after launching 51 failed apps before Angry Birds hit in 2009. So what can we learn from Rovio’s success? Persistence pays off. The same is true for marketing.

Perhaps you’ve heard of “The Rule of Seven?” This foundational marketing concept states that the average consumer must hear or see your marketing message seven times before they take the bait. To make it more difficult, about half the time you think you are delivering the message, the consumer doesn’t even hear it. So, even though you may feel as if you are repeating yourself, you aren’t. Successful marketers find new avenues to share the same message over and over again.

Marketing Consultant Pete Monfre summed it up nicely in his blog when he said, “Persistence and consistency are the currency of marketing effectiveness. Strive to be ever present among people most likely to buy. Commit to marketing as an ongoing process, not a series of events.”

So take it from Rovio… persistence is critical to business – and marketing – success. When has it paid off for you?