TRX Concept

So what is TRX? That was certainly my question when I walked into the gym one day to see a bunch of straps suspended from a bar mounted to the wall.

TRX is a suspension training system developed by a Navy Seal to leverage gravity and body weight to provide a total body workout.

So what does working out with gravity, straps and handles have to do with marketing lessons?

Marketing Inspiration

Sometimes marketing inspiration, or any inspiration I suppose, comes at the strangest time and place. So there I am in the middle of a workout and I am staring at the anchor point and I think……

…. For successful marketing you need an anchor point, connection and focus.

Let me explain. To use the TRX system I have to hold on to straps using handles, then I have to keep my eyes fixed on the anchor point, that place where the straps are joined to the supporting bar.

Without focus, I am off balance and unable to take advantage of the system. It’s really no different in marketing. Unless I am anchored by goals and objectives, I’m prone to be off balance, tossing a bunch of tactics at a challenge hoping something will work.

Other Marketing Lessons

Keep making incremental adjustments, don’t stop.

TRX is designed for continuous movement; instead of quitting when fatigue sets in, I change my position. Incremental adjustments can make all the difference. Incorporating a continuous learning loop can make a big difference in results.

Work on core and balance.

This workout really concentrates on building core, the big muscles in our back and stomach. As a result of a stronger core, I have better balance.

For a business, core represents the essence of the brand, it’s the reason for the business. Staying close to the core keeps a business from drifting off message and into the murky waters of distraction. Although the core is emphasized, the balance that results comes from including the customer in the core consideration.

I can work on my own but I perform better in a group because I push myself.

Perhaps this is just human nature…I just find that when I am with others, I summon extra effort that just doesn’t seem to be available when I’m by myself. Effective marketing works better when everyone in the organization, especially those on the frontlines, are aligned with and aware of a brand’s message and offering.

Never underestimate a good coach –someone with a different perspective who can critique evaluate challenge teach and push.

While the group is valuable, I have found the influence and watchful eye of a coach particularly useful. When I am in the trenches, I am prone to lose perspective. In my mind’s eye, my form is right on the money. In reality, it often needs some adjustment.

I regularly reach out to various industry experts as part of my team. As a result of adding their perspective and experience to the mix, our marketing efforts are more effective.

How do you generate great marketing ideas? What’s your source of inspiration?