Are you marketing in a fantasy world ?

Or do your own beliefs and the recommendations of others come from the depths of fantasy land?

With the economy shrinking by the day what are businesses going to do to maintain growth when the gradient of progress seems to be endlessly uphill, and budgets shrink back to the bare bones and things just don’t seem to be working like they did ?

There’s only one thing for it and that’s to find a way to increase the number of potential customers you come into contact with while reducing the costs of engaging them and doing the right things to increase the chances of concluding any businesses.

It’s time to “Run forest, Run”

Hope or belief alone isn’t enough to help you win the day, you need to apply some critical thinking to see through to the truth behind the smokes screen of lies.

So, sit back and take a look at these short videos which present real facts along with some ideas you can implement below which could make a significant difference to your business in these tough times.


Enjoy that? Want to know more ?

Well, if you’re looking for a way to “don” the running shoes for your business then listen up. These simple ideas will help you engage more potential customers and costs just a little time.

Get Involved In The Conversation

Social media is a great way of driving traffic and engaging people. As long as you use it in a “conversational” way (avoiding the direct sell) and your website has been designed to convert traffic into leads then you’ve got a potential source of new customers.

The key (or keyword) is firstly finding conversations and people you can interact with and there are a ton of tools out there which can help you do that. One of the simplest is to use something like Google Alerts.

Once you’ve found a relevant conversation follow these simple steps;

  • Help to move the conversation on.
  • Offer something useful, such as advice or a reference to other content within a comment.
  • Avoid selling, instead show you’re interested first and interesting second.

Give Away Something Of Value

Everybody in business or those working for themselves have typically amassed a lot of knowledge about their particular subject which could be useful to others.

By carefully packaging it together into a tasty bite size chunk of content it will help inform your potential customers and demonstrate your knowledge within your chosen field of expertise.

However, don’t forget that if nobody knows you’ve got it, they won’t be asking for it, so make sure you use attention grabbing graphics to attract peoples interest and a download page where you can sell the benefits of reading, watching or attending.

Run A Workshop

When people see you doing what you do best and they’ll soon realise the extent of your knowledge and what you could potentially do for them.

One of the cheapest and easiest ways of demonstrating this is online with a “webinar”.

The key again is not to pitch, but show your audience how they can fix a specific problem.

Unlike live workshops, webinars can be pre-recorded so that the only live bit is the Q&A at the end.

Marketing that generates leads like inbound marketing is a reality and if done correctly it can make a significant difference to your business.

Make Some Calls

Whilst you’re working your marketing there is nothing stopping you putting in a few calls to existing and new customers alike.

The good thing about having your marketing up and running is that you now have something relevant to offer people when you call them whether its an invitation to a workshop or some useful information.

If you’ve got your marketing right then you should have some leads to follow up on also.

Bottom line is you’ve got to get out of your porch if you’re going to get things moving.

Image Attribution: Fantasy Wallpapers