Experience. Maybe you have it, maybe you don’t. But if you’re going to base the primary marketing message around it, you’ve got to know how to support it.

Many companies rely on experience to attract new customers. This is popular in the financial industry and education. Experience often means that this company is trustworthy, an important trait for any company that will manage your money or have a large impact on your future well-being. So here are 5 quick things you can do to help get your company’s experience across to the consumer.

Tell Us When You Were Founded

Maybe this is the simplest tip, but too many companies try to push how long they’ve been doing what they do without using the date. That date should be readily available in every piece of literature, every page on your website, every commercial or print ad or billboard. At the New York Institute of Photography, we created a new 100 year logo that we launched on our 100th anniversary.

Tell Us Why it Matters

To some it may be obvious, but to others it may go over their head. If your marketing message centers around experience, explaining why experience matters in the decision to choose your company or a competitor’s will ensure that it gets heard by everyone. New York Life is a company that promotes their long history well, and they use every chance they get to tell you they’re not going anywhere.

Use Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to show people that you know how to make customers happy. Any company who has been in business for a long time better have some happy customers. Potential customers will want to see how you’ve treated others before signing on with you.

Promote Longtime Clients

Most companies who have a wealth of experience will have clients who they’ve worked with for a long time. If you’re good at what you do, customers will want to stick with you. So tell us about those companies that you’ve had a long relationship with. Share details of the relationship, how you’ve helped them where no one else could, and why they’ve stuck with you this long.

Promote Longtime Leaders

It may sound cheesy, but we naturally associate experience with age. And it can be a successful marketing tool to highlight people who have worked at the company for a long time. An employee’s commitment to a company is almost as impressive as a customer’s. If you’ve got a President, a CEO, or a Manager who has been on the job awhile, it behooves you to share their story.

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