What is your favourite global company? Think hard now.

global brand


Now, why does this company stand out to you? Is it because of their renowned global presence? Their sustainability efforts? Their interaction with consumers? Love of their product/service? It can be a multitude of reasons, depending on what you look for in a company. Here are a few global companies that simply perform marketing magic.


Coca-Cola is probably one of the most recognized global brands out there. I have mentioned this particular brand a couple of times now in my last few blogs – but what can I say, I love their marketing initiatives and I think they are a brand to look up to. Coke’s brand promise of fun, freedom, and refreshment resonates nearly everywhere around the world.  The company works extremely hard at keeping the brand fresh and innovative while maintaining a strong sense of community that brings together Coke lovers and reinforces consumers’ relationship with the brand.

Below is a clip of one of many Coke’s community endeavors, involving the Happiness Truck.

A normal delivery truck is transformed into Coke’s Happiness Machine. Its goal? To spread the notion of happiness in different parts of the world, in this case, the streets of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. This clip ends with an aerial view of the truck’s roof asking: “Where will happiness strike next?” This is an excellent support and reinforcing tactic to their continuing global approach and ongoing initiatives for the future.

To display another global approach, the past Olympics in London, Coca-Cola reinforced its values and global awareness – “Move to the beat”. This has allowed Coca-Cola to position themselves further as a powerful company in the minds of billions across the globe.

Even though Coca-Cola is one of the largest corporations around the world – they have proven time and time again to be agile, innovative and adaptive/responsive to local markets and new generations without diminishing their brand name/image.


Inspiration. Revelation. Ground Breaking.

Those are three words that come to mind when I think of this global brand. Steve Jobs was truly an innovator of our time and was able to forecast what people wanted and desired even before they knew what they wanted. He mastered complex technology and created a brand so influential and powerful that it revolutionized the way consumers perceive brands.  Jobs understood that a brand is capable of humanizing a business, and that is the reason why today so many people around the world are Apple product fanatics and enthusiasts.

Having such a devoted and inspirational CEO like Steve Jobs is one of the reasons why Apple became so ground breaking. Apparently a year before he passed away, Jobs worked on the products he believed would protect and uphold the company’s future reputation. He ensured at least four years worth of products launches/updates were in the making. Now that’s some remarkable leadership!

Below is a clip of Steve Job’s iPad launch speech given in 2010. Not only was he an innovator and an inspiration to many, but most importantly, he believed in his products.


I’m lovin’ it! Those famous golden arches are recognizable from miles away. This leading global corporation stands out because of its brand management, global presence, leadership in sustainable practices and consumer interaction. Their glocal initiatives (global brand that caters to each market with their specific items) is what makes McDonald’s such a powerhouse chain.

Below are some examples of McDonald’s tasty glocal marketing initiatives:

  • Middle East: McArabia, chicken flatbread sandwich
  • Germany: McCroissant sandwich
  • Eastern Canada: Seasonal McLobster sandwich…the list goes on!

McDonald's international menu

Check out McDonald’s other menu alternatives in their glocal approach! Which one is your favourite?

Earlier this year in Germany, McDonald’s decided to team up with a creative agency to create Germany’s first crowdsourced burger. This allowed consumers to customize the burger they wanted and if a finalist, get it made by McDonald’s. This digital campaign went highly viral and positioned the brand as an innovator, helping to further build its brand image and strength.

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, many of McDonald’s restaurants have had facelifts, to look more contemporary, comfortable and trendy. Part of this strategy also incorporated McCafe as part of their product offering, which enables people to lounge for a longer period of time. This repositioning shows dedication and promise to their brand development, in order to appeal to a wider audience around the globe.

What brands stand out in your mind as an innovative global brand? Why?