Marketing EffectivenessEffectiveness is a powerful word in marketing.

“the power to produce a desired result” (the huge upsurge in sales pretty much demonstrated the effectiveness of the new ad campaign) – Merriam-Webster

How do you measure results of your own marketing campaigns?

Do you simply look at numbers like sales, new accounts, website hits? These are all good metrics buy how do you produce that power. When do things turn?

I have talked a number of times of how 2015 is a great year and I am not alone. Many of my business contacts are experiencing similar upswings in sales and new accounts.

How do I know this is not some kind of fad or short cycle? Obviously, we can never be 100 percent sure, but I think there is something to be said with having a presence and being available for both your co-workers and your clients.

Producing quality content

People are scrambling to find good information. It used to be people would get their news information from their local television station or newspaper. Some people still do, but it is not as available as simply going online and finding the information quickly by yourself.


I am also seeing more companies offering more transparency like never before. For the first time, we are starting to see companies like McDonald’s give us a look at where their food suppliers.

Learning more about other companies

The old culture was we can do business together but don’t ask me about any processes we currently do. In today’s culture, I see more companies opening their doors and trying to make each other better. This particular process is still in the infancy stage, but I see it more and more.

More people recognize our brand

People are seeing our information on reports, supplies like boxes and shipping materials. I have worked to get our company brand name on all supplies we send out to people and people are noticing.


You only have one chance to earn a person’s trust. If you earn it, there is a big chance that person will talk about that experience with another person. If you make an unfavorable impression, chances are that person will tell more than one person about that experience.

Tracking client decisions

You have to ask the question, “How did you hear about our company?” You will be surprised at the answers that you receive. It is a great question and for many years I never asked people.

Client surveys

Ask people if they will be using your services again next year. I asked 1,000 people this question and received tjree answers which indicated they would not be back.


How effective is your marketing campaign? Look at the numbers, but don’t forget to follow it up by looking in other areas. You may learn more about yourself and your company than you ever knew.