The Celebrity Apprentice is starting to wind down with just one week left, and last night there were two marketing challenges. Here is what you can take away, marketing-wise, from the episodes.

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Creating a Photo Campaign on Social Media

One of the tasks was to create a photobomb campaign for King’s Hawaiian baked goods, in which the celebrities were to insert brand imagery into their own photographs of New York City. They were to also come up with original hashtags for their photos.

Photographs always do well on social media, but in order for your businesses or product photos to get noticed, there are a few things to consider:

  • Always include the hash tag #photo (it is highly searched on Instagram & Twitter)
  • Always include a hash tag for your business i.e. #AttentionGetting
  • Always include a hash tag of the subject matter i.e. #NYC
  • It has to be quirky, funny, or interesting, like the photo from Oreo below
  • It has to be tasteful
  • Your brand name should be clearly seen in the image

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Creating a Jingle for Your Business

The next task was to come up with an original jingle for Bud Light’s new line of Lime-a-Rita beverages. The teams were judged on creativity, brand messaging and overall entertainment value.

A jingle is important if you are planning to do advertising on the radio or television, or even if you want to have it play on your website. It isn’t as popular a marketing method as in previous decades, but if you were thinking of creating one, here are some things you will want your creative team to do:

  • The jingle must be catchy and memorable, like the latest pop tune on the radio
  • The genre of the jingle should suit what you are selling i.e. Salsa tune for a lime beverage product
  • It doesn’t have to be complicated, even just a few keys. Think of McDonald’s “I’m lovin’ it” theme. It is pretty simple.
  • The lyrics should include your product or company name
  • The lyrics should include your slogan or main message, or find a way to simply sing your slogan i.e. “Nationwide is on your side“.