Marketing - A Different PerspectiveThis time of year a lot of time goes into strategic planning and defining new projects for 2014.

It seems that everyone has a tool to “control” something or manage something.

The trouble is these tools often have little control and do not help manage information to make sound decisions.

The way business is being conducted is changing before our eyes. Companies that have been around for ages are struggling with ways to become new and fresh again. People love new releases, grand openings, major events, new promotions.

I believe the time may be changing for marketers to look at themselves as value-added consultants. Marketers must look for ways to add value both internally and externally.

Internal Value

Process Improvement – What production improvements can you make? Need to work with Quality and Production staff.

Report Improvement – What quality checks or information would be valuable to workers or management teams?

Improving Client Service – How can we improve relationships with clients? Are we listening and implementing ideas from clients?

External Value

How can we “Wow” our clients?

How are we differentiating ourselves from our competitors?

Can we add additional value to our existing products and services?


Too often, much is made about obtaining more clients or potential markets. Marketers use a variety of tools to obtain this type of information as a way to give themselves some sort of control. If you take a step back and look at what is really important and spend your time in the areas mentioned above, you might see a greater return overall and in the process you may even improve your current relationship with your clients.

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