Today’s marketing concept (you can find more marketing concepts posted here) is the 3 basic types of customers any business can have.

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs only focus on 1 type of customer – the NEW CUSTOMER. It’s a BIG mistake… so let’s talk about the other 2.

The 2nd type?

The LOST CUSTOMER. This is someone who was a client, perhaps for a while, but hasn’t come back and engaged in your products or services for a while (how long needs to be determined by you and your biz).

Lost customers are a great opportunity for any business. They are people who bought what you had – may have even been really happy with it (if they weren’t then there is a different discussion that needs to be had about quality of products, services and experiences within your biz), but for some reason, they’ve either not wanted or needed what you have since the last time they bought, or they’ve gone somewhere else.

Coming up with a lost customer campaign, designed to re-engage you past customers who are no longer with you can boost your relationships and bring in a big chunk of business. Best of all? You already have their contact information in your database, so reaching out is easy. It can also be creative and fun.

The 3rd type of customer?


Most people don’t think about current customers as one of the best places to get ‘new clients’. Finding out what else your current customers want and need to solve problems related to your business gives you the opportunity to create new products and services that provide tremendous value to your clients, as well as making them more valuable to your business.

Most businesses don’t realize that their current customer database is a gold mine of information just waiting to be tapped. Find out what else your clients want and need – do some surveys online, call a few of them each week. Then, build what they want, or find someone who does and make the connection as part of a joint venture arrangement. It can be a win-win-win.

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