Hi there, today’s topic is related to daylight savings time. Daylight savings time is when we get to adjust the clocks and I thought that was a perfect time for you to also look at your marketing efforts. I know I preach looking at it more than twice a year, but the reality is most small business owners get so busy running their businesses that they don’t get the chance to do it as often as they could, which is why the time changes twice a year are good times to do it. There are three things I want to talk about today.

The first thing is why not move one marketing item forward from what you should know you should do; it’s on your list of things that you should do, and actually move it up to the must do. So take the one item that you think is most important, that could be the easiest for you to do in the next week and implement that. This one change might be the thing that sets you off in a direction that really increases your business and then moves it forward. Now to keep up that momentum, try to do one thing a week or one thing a month or something, but the important thing is this week really try to focus on fast-tracking your efforts so you can set your marketing clock ahead an hour.

The second thing you probably want to do is take an hour a day each each day in the next week or so and and focus on improving at least one item that touches your target market or the public. For example, maybe you got a brochure that’s you know been outdated or maybe you haven’t looked at your website in a long time, you haven’t written a blog in forever, something along those lines. Go back, take a look and try to tinker with it. So spend an hour a day the next week or so and and you might be surprised at what that hour a day really can do to grow your business. It’s not always the most comfortable to do, but if you put it at the first part of your day, you may be happy with the results.

The third thing I think you should do is use this time to check in with your clients if you haven’t checked in with them in awhile; you haven’t reached out and said hi or how am I doing? Are there things we can improve? Maybe they have not come into the store for awhile. Maybe you don’t even know if they came in the store for awhile because you don’t have an effective tracking mechanism. The important thing here is to check in with them. So, twice a year, reach out; by reaching out to your customers, you are kind of extending the day, like daylight savings time allows us to have longer days; by you checking with your clients, you might find you have a longer relationship with them that will benefit both you. You would be surprised at the number of people who leave businesses just because they haven’t heard from the business in awhile and somebody else comes along and and then takes them. Here is good article on customer retention.

Those three things are move one marketing item forward, improve some marketing materials, and reach out to clients. If you don’t feel like doing them, we can do them for you, of course.