Business owners understand the value of having excellent service, but what else goes into making the perfect customer experience? Companies are beginning to realize that customer experience management is a real thing that needs careful attention, as it will bring in and maintain new leads and recurring revenue. Great customer service is an extension of any firm’s marketing platform. Businesses can promote their benefits and services, but when you have clients that are willing to do it, that’s the key. Build your brand through loyalty and excellent service.

Here are 3 key statistics to consider when building your customer support platform.

  1. 73% of customers are choosing brands with friendly employees. 33% choose brands with a good reputation.

A company’s reputation can only take it so far. Customers are more responsive and loyal to companies that are friendly and engaging. It’s important to hire and train a staff that understands this, and lives to help their customers.

  1. 22% of people who see their negative criticism acknowledged will go on to post a positive review.

It’s incredibly important to acknowledge and address a customer’s feelings and concerns. Frustrated customers just want to be heard, and when you take the time to acknowledge that and try to make it right, it can result in a positive experience. Mistakes happen, and occasionally a customer will become dissatisfied, but how quickly you can turn the negative into a positive will go a long way for your customer as well as your potential customers.

  1. 86% of people will pay more if it means they have a better customer experience. 89% will switch to a competitor after they’ve had a bad experience.

Consider these facts before deciding that cheap pricing and affordability are the most important things in sales. Customers can and will pay more for a better service or customer experience. And if you don’t provide them with that, they’ll move on to a company who does. Business does not revolve around affordability, but around great customer experiences.

Getting new customers and retaining them is easy if you take the time to offer them the close interaction and excellent customer service that they deserve. Let your customers become your marketing team. They’ll be the first ones to let everyone know what a great experience they had, and in turn bring in new business. It’s a wonderful cycle that begins and ends with quality support.