Lots of people want to know if our marketing automation technology can send blast emails. Well the answer is yes, but if that’s all you are going to do, then you aren’t taking advantage of marketing automation and losing revenue because of it.

Yep, I said revenue.

Our customers have seen an increase in lead quality and therefore an increase in revenue because they are tracking their leads’ digital behavior, nurturing their leads and alerting sales reps in real-time. And we aren’t referring to creating a list (or a couple of lists) and manually sending out monthly blast newsletters and hoping for a better than average click rate.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with monthly blast newsletters.  We’ve all started there.  It’s certainly a way to stay “connected” to your target audience (either prospects or customers).  However, the question is does it really help provide relevant communication to these prospects and/or customers? Does it helping you drive more qualified opportunities and revenue?

I would suggest that in most cases, the answer would be no or I don’t know.  Marketing automation helps you answer those questions and it can extremely easy to use.  Of course you don’t need to fear making the leap from monthly newsletters to marketing automation and real nurturing. None of us can take the plunge on some new huge process and technology that sets the marketing department back for months.  Current campaigns and lead generation must continue, but to move to that next level that we all need to do, you can do in stages.

One step we’ve used with customers is building and sending their current monthly blast email out within our marketing automation technology and see what you get. This enables the client to see the additional tracking that they are now seeing over their current email program. For the first time, they are seeing pages that the customer viewed and for how long, not just who opened and clicked an email.

Marketing automation is the next evolution of basic email marketing and it can be just as easy to use if not more so…. Don’t be afraid to put the toe in the water, it feels pretty good in here.