Where are your marketing dollars going? Did you sign up for an email blast service that you never use? Build a great website but have no idea who is visiting or where visitors spend their time? Take a look at the list below and determine if you’re truly ready for marketing in 2016.Marketing-Audit-List=Feature-Picture

Goals –

Measurable marketing goals set. Determine your goals so you can accurately measure conversion rates.

Branding –

Consistent brand. Do your business cards, mailers, website, newsletters, etc. all complement each other?

Consistent message. See above.

Website –

This is the first impression people will make about your firm. Make it great. A little investment goes a long way on the Internet.

Site is mobile friendly. You’re probably already getting more mobile traffic than you think.

Site is fast. Google cares. Your visitors care. YOU should care.

Site is secure. Hackers begone!

Google analytics installed and reports generated. Understand your traffic.

❑ Clear and prominent call to action. Is it clear to your visitors what you want them to do while on your site?

Eliminate walls of text. Create visually compelling content or you will lose your audience.

Online Marketing –

Search Engine Optimized (“SEO”) – Can Google find you?

Social media pages set up completely and correctly. Be likable.

❑ Have an actual social media strategy. Update and post regularly to your social accounts.

❑ Have an actual content strategy. Articles, blogs, videos, white papers, case studies, eBooks, webinars, tigers, and bears, oh my!

❑ Have an email outreach strategy. Almost 70% of consumers prefer for businesses to reach out to them via email over any other communication method.

❑ Explore paid advertising. Google Adwords works.