The game is afoot.

Even though we’re still a month away from the conventions, the Romney v. Obama boxing match is fully underway. And it really does feel that way, with each candidate trading blows all summer long.

Instead of a competition of two sets of merits and ideas, this presidential race more resembles a couple of school-age bullies trading insults and starting rumors.

It’s embarrassing. And America knows it.

But how else do you market a president in today’s world? Can a candidate really stand on his own merits and ideas alone? Or do you have to pander to the 24 hour news cycle, the radicals and money-holders on your side of the aisle, the misinformed or under informed voting public?

Marketing a president is not an easy thing. You have to be front of mind constantly. You have to be seen as the clear choice over the next reasonable option 51% of the time. It’s not like marketing Burger King, knowing that consumers can purchase from both you and McDonald’s. It’s one or the other, at one time, and then never again (maybe one more time).

If you’re a marketer or business owner looking to gain an advantage over your competition, take a cue from how dirty this election is becoming and begin to identify your own strengths before going after your competitor’s weaknesses.

The country needs something positive they can grab onto.