There is a “lot” happening in the online world these days. Tools and technologies are constantly emerging that can provide massive benefits for today’s online marketer, but the list is massive!

In this presentation I share many of the tools and technologies I use to manage my online marketing business.

Also, while focused on “marketers”, in today’s world it seems we’ve all become marketers to some extent, and I am confident that within this vast treasure trove of technologies and tools, business people of any stripe will find some nice value.

What Makes A Tool or Technology Sing?

I spend a ton of time inside of my computer, and so the necessity of being able to move fast and right is critical to how I manage my business. With that in mind the tools and technologies that I use are critical and over the years I have observed that tools generally break down into “emerging”, “ubiquitous” and somewhere in between. What is interesting is that so many of these tools and technologies have an arc story to them and I’ve observed particularly in the last few years that generally tools that do a good job of marketing to me (and the rest of the universe) tend to have a much clearer path from the “emerging” category, into middle tier and ultimately a few manage to even get into the realm of ubiquitous. And I do not think it is an accident – in fact a key element of great marketing also involves listening, and this is where I see that the tools that live in the “early” category tend to make the quickest leaps.  This is also generally one of the key evaluation criteria I use when I consider adopting a new tool into my own “mix”.

Just one of many examples – why is it that I know the name of the guy who runs Evernote – that is marketing, but if you read some of the stuff he shares it is also very relevant to what they do as well as to what virtually everyone is going through, and you’ll notice if you read enough of his stuff, he and his team are constantly surprised, amazing and humbled by their users which in turn causes them to continually launch an even better product. Another great example is the folks at MailChimp – as a marketer I like to talk about this company with my clients as both a great service and also a great example of tremendous online communication.

Closing Thoughts…

I fancy myself as both a pretty good observer as well a decent marketer and so I constantly have my own ear to the ground, and am constantly exploring new ways to do what I do if not better than at least more efficiently.

But perhaps the bigger reason I’m constantly looking at things like this is because I find it interesting, so as you might imagine, this was a very fun presentation for me to do, and it is certainly one that I’m very happy to share. If I missed any of your favorites, feel free to chime in in the comments section or send me a tweet: @davidgadarian – I’m always looking to learn too!

PS – I originally presented this at the MetroWest Marketing Group MeetUp – if you are marketer of any kind, and you live in the area we’d love to have you join us!