Is marketing hard?

It sure is, because it has NO “end”.

– you can ALWAYS do more blog posts and guest blog posts
– you can ALWAYS test more pages, products, and pricing
– you can ALWAYS create more features
– you can ALWAYS create more case studies, white papers, slides, etc.
– you can ALWAYS produce more content.. test more marketing / advertising channels… create more sales pages..

So you might be asking.. how do OTHERS do it?

One of the greatest marketers of all time, Oprah Winfrey (estimated worth of $2.4 BILLION dollars) has done it.


Of course, she has a system that works for her.. and she never deviates from it.

What is it? CONTENT marketing.

But as you all might know, creating content is a HARD business.

There’s only so many things you can come up with… so many words, so many picture, so many videos.

Imagine if Oprah had a show where she ONLY talked about herself… her life, her stories, her experiences.

It would be quite boring and she wouldn’t build the following that she’s had.

So here’s what she did.

1.) Promote Others

If you haven’t watched Oprah, her show is about others, rarely about her

Here’s why

– you get unique, interesting content
– you don’t have to be the story teller yourself

The problem with stardom is that stars “flash” once and they fade into the darkness, just like real stars.

Look at Psy & the whole Gangnam Style phenonemon – it had over (1.8 BILLION views) but it faded to oblivion. In fact, when was the last time you heard of him on the radio?

Whether or not it was intentional, Oprah stays in the “light” by helping others promote themselves.

This is the same reason why hosts become megastars – people like talk show hosts (Jay Leno, Dave Letterman, Conan O’Brien, etc), news anchors, critics, commentators, reviewers, etc.

They’re NOT the reason why people watch… who or what they promote is the reason why people watch, and they just happen to be in the view of the camera.

You can apply the same: have guest posters on your blog (by the way, I accept guest posts as long as they’re related to online marketing, growth hacking, or entrepreneurship – tech or non-tech), interview people (i interviewed legendary marketers like ShoeMoney and Neil Patel before), and hold contests.

Instead of trying to be the star, help others become stars.

Give to get.

2.) Genuine Connection with People

Ever hear real estate people say “real estate is about people”?

Well, it turns out… ALL businesses are about people. You don’t do business in a vacuum, do you?

No, Google doesn’t pay you money and Facebook doesn’t write you checks.

It’s the real life people behind the computers with their credit cards that decide to transfer their hard earned money to you.

In another words, it’s about people.

Oprah knows it – she knows her demographic well – predominantly 20 – 40 year old women, well educated, high income, unmarried, with no kids.

These women are looking for spiritual connection to themselves, to their communities, and to the world.

She knows what these women want… it’s because that’s what SHE wants.

Having grown up poor in a dysfunction family, that’s what she wanted. In fact, in front of national TV, she told everyone about how she was raped when she was little.

I don’t mean doing something shameful like grey / ethically dubious marketing or blackhat PPC advertising.. i mean, getting RAPED as a child.

Hell, i can’t even admit to farting in a crowded elevator to a bunch of strangers I will never see again.. imagine admitting something that society still labels as shameful in front of millions of people that are going to watch you every freakin’ day.

How much more genuine can you get?

Yes, its uncomfortable.. and yes, it’s going to make people talk, but so what? Isn’t that you’re supposed to do?

She’s built not only a credibility, but a following doing JUST that.

So what should you do?

TELL YOUR STORY…. and don’t be ashamed about it (unless you’re farting in a crowded elevator).

3.) Tough Beginnings, Strong Finish

If I told you that you’d be reincarnated as a black girl from a poor family in a poor city from the south, that you’d get raped by a family member before the age of 10, that you’d get pregnant and give birth to a stillborn in your teenage years, what exactly would you think?

That you’d be a successful media personality worth billions of dollars when you grew up?

Probably not.

Oprah came from incredibly humble background, but she never gave up.

She could’ve taken the easy route but she swam upstream. She struggled with poverty.. she struggled as a victim of sexual abuse.. she struggled with her own image & weight, but she never gave up.

If you’re an entrepreneur starting out or a marketer who is trying new marketing campaigns, the odds are stacked against you.

But who wins?

The one that STAYS in the game.

If your startup is in trouble and you’re struggling with motivation, look for a different market.. or a way to pivot. But just keep going.

If you’re doing SEO and no one is linking to you, you need to ask more people or different people… or change the way you ask. But just keep asking.

Oprah built a massive business empire, brand, and of course, wealth because she stayed in what she believed in, gave a lot, and never gave up.

Who’s to say that you can’t do the same?

Hell, Mr.T succeeded.

Why can’t you?