Marketers are facing a serious dilemma. A study conducted by Millward Brown Digital (MBD) found that only 32% of marketers are confident in their marketing mix while the rest are uncertain about which marketing channels to invest their budgets. This lack in confidence for ones marketing mix stems from a lack of data across the customer journey, which is critical to understanding true return on revenue (ROI). And without the right data, making confident decisions that will help improve marketing performance becomes even harder.

One huge hole in marketing data that is helping to create this insecurity involves phone call conversions. Marketers that struggle to measure call conversions — and the customers they generate — from their digital and offline campaigns will also struggle to understand which channels, ads, keywords, and campaigns to invest in to drive maximum revenue. Part of the issue is they don’t realize they can easily measure call conversion data, which will help minimize their data blind spot.

Here’s why phone call data is critical to helping marketers gain confidence in their ad channel mix:

We Live in a Mobile-First World

It’s no secret that we’ve live in a mobile-first world. Thanks to the rising popularity of smartphones, consumers are connected to businesses more than ever. Those that own a smartphone know that they’ve become an extension of ourselves. We pretty much live our lives with our smartphones by our sides. They’ve literally transformed the way we research and purchase products online.

Consumers now have a way to immediately talk to a business and get immediate answers from the comfort of their home or while they’re out and about, living their lives. And with click-to-call technology, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that consumers are calling US businesses by the billions from digital advertising.

call attribution

As a marketer, it’s important to recognize that your digital marketing is driving phone calls. If you aren’t including phone call conversions in your data analysis then you’re unable to measure your true ROI and CPL. And that makes it very hard to confidently invest in the right marketing mix to drive revenue.

Phone Calls Are Great For Business

Did you know phone calls convert to revenue better than web leads? According to BIA/Kelsey, they convert 10x-15x better. Consumers calling your business are much more likely to purchase a product or service compared to those that fill out a form. Callers tend to have a higher purchase intent, and by talking with a live lead at the moment they are most interested in engaging with you, it’s much easier for a sales agent to convert leads or close sales.

At the end of the day, calls are your best leads. Knowing which marketing activities drive these leads will help you confidently invest your marketing budget in the most effective marketing mix.

How Marketers Use Call Attribution

The amount of data that call attribution technology can capture is tremendous. Just like you measure clicks to understand and improve marketing ROI, you can do the same with call attribution. Here’s what call attribution and the data surrounding the call offers:

  • More transparency into the marketing channels, ad campaigns, keywords, landing pages, and content driving quality calls.
  • A greater understanding of the customer journey. See which landing pages and content were viewed before the consumer finally opted to make a phone call.
  • The ability to learn more about your caller. Know who they are, their contact information, when they called. All way to the device used to make the call.
  • Knowledge around what exactly happened on the call. Who handled the call? What was said? Did sales mention a promotion? Use this data to improve the messaging of your campaigns and the keywords used for targeting.
  • The proper elimination of bad leads while embracing the good leads. You can judge the quality of the call based on a certain criteria, such as whether or not an appointment was made.

There’s no doubt optimizing your marketing mix across channels is no easy task. With call attribution, you’ll be surprised to see that your marketing mix is actually performing even better than you realize. By attributing calls and clicks from your marketing mix, you’ll have more complete data that will help you understand your true ROI. And you’ll be able to confidently make better optimization decisions.

Interested in learning more about how call attribution can help you be more confident in your marketing mix? Request a personal demo today.