Sometimes, simplicity is the name of the game. And when you are marketing to someone who is already familiar with your company, in so much as they’ve already signed up, a simple marketing message can go a long way.

What better way to demonstrate that then to review a recent email I received from Dropbox.

For those not familiar with Dropbox, it’s a cloud storage service that offers a free solution with limited space, and paid solutions if you require additional storage space. It’s a perfect place to back up important files or share files with multiple people.

I am a customer, however, I’m not a paying customer. So while communication between Dropbox and me might be viewed as simple communication with a current customer, it’s actually a function of marketing. I am valuable to them because I could always upgrade to a premium account, or share the brand with friends and family. All communication with customers should be vetted by marketing for that reason.

In this email, they’ve done a great job. The email is simple, straightforward, and positive. “Dropbox bonus received!” is a perfect subject line. I know why I’m getting the email, I can read it quickly, and I want to open it. Inside, it’s more of the same. I know why I’m getting a bonus, I know what the bonus is, and I can click through to get more space if needed (without a pressuring sales message), all in a matter of a few lines of text.

Take a cue from Dropbox when crafting any email, say what needs to be said, and don’t cloud your message with extraneous information that does not benefit the user.

Well done!