marketing arrowFor a long time, marketing has been a high expense activity in business. Fortunately, technology has given us effective marketing methods that do not require you to spend a fortune. Marketing using the conventional methods such as TV adverts, Radio, print media has been expensive and is still expensive compared to the digital way of doing things. Marketing is an important activity in a business because it is what will get your products and services in front of the consumer’s eyes and convince them to buy from you. For small business owners who do not have all the money to spare for marketing purposes, here are ways to market your business without spending money.

Social Media

1. Facebook

Facebook is that largest social media platform in terms of users. With over a billion active accounts, high chances are that your customers are using Facebook. The good part is that the platform provides you with tools you can use to market your business. You just need to create a page, enter your business information and make the page yours. This should be followed by inviting people to like the page and you will soon have an audience to market your business to. Encourage your fans to share your status updates and invite more people for an effective marketing campaign.

2. Twitter

Twitter is another social media platform with a fare share of users. It is a brief way of posting a message. Though the text length is limited, the platform allows you to post links to your website, blog or to other social media pages. The important thing is getting as many followers as possible so that you will have an audience. Follow other people, retreat relevant posts and soon, your following will grow and they will do the same with your tweets.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media platform that allows you to post images. As you know, we are all attracted to images more that we are interested in reading text. For this reason, your marketing strategy should involved images and Pinterest is one of the best channels to use. Make sure that your images are related to your business and do not be afraid of going out of your way to add a little humor. Most people are looking for interesting things that will brighten their day. Do your best to provide these interesting things and marketing your business will not be a daunting task.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about writing content that provides useful information to the reader as well as introduce your business. This is one of the best free marketing strategies you can use and get desired results.

Email Marketing

This is an old but still effective marketing strategy that you can use to reach out to your customers and inform them of new products and services, offers, promotions and discounts. You only need to create a mailing list and this will require your efforts in convincing the target consumers to submit their emails or subscribe to the mailing list. Keep in mind that whatever you send to your audience needs to be useful to them, otherwise they will unsubscribe.