March Madness - MarketingIs anyone else seeing a difference in their marketing activity this month?

I am seeing a lot of activity in a variety of forms: new accounts, more phone inquiries, more web inquiries, more responses in the social media sphere, more referrals, more hits to website, increased sales, etc.

I attribute a lot of this change to being active online both on social media sites and through content marketing. Overall, my activity may be slightly up from pre-Google Hummingbird days, but I think Google has changed the game and is now rewarding those people who took their latest change seriously and have added better quality content.

It is amazing to me the number of people who say they have found us because of content they read online. It also helps to have a strong advocate network out there. I think I underestimated how strong this sentiment and content can be.

In any case, I have learned over the past few months that quality information is king. Too many times we get distracted by terms like

big data” – knowing everything about your clients and “mobile marketing” – making sure you have a web presence on mobile devices.

My suggestion, get in the game before the game passes you by. Bring your game plan everyday and make changes to it. Do something everyday to make a difference and keep your edge. If you work hard and you work at developing a game plan for your brand, you will see success. It’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends. When Google Hummingbird came out, I was sick and really didn’t know where to begin. The only way I found success was by getting a game plan with mobile, recognizing who our advocates were and looking for ways to maximize our current relationship with our clients.

Notice, I didn’t focus on what the latest news on Big Data or content marketing. Look at marketing as a whole and stop focusing your time so much on the minutia like a specific social media site. No one is on Twitter all day long. (Well most people) Would you want to rely on Twitter to find and support all of your clients? Then take a step back and look at some other areas.

March is here and from my talk with other executives, I am not alone. Things are picking up and taking off at this moment. Get your game plan and start acting on it!

photo credit: The D34n via photopin cc